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Answer the unusual wave motion of price of Edible Oil Machine actively

One, Edible Oil Machine rises in price quicker consideration in recent years Edible Oil Machine rises in price faster its reason is many sided. Fluctuate considerably from what price of international market Edible Oil Machine basically includes for international element raw material of edible of blame of makings of;edible Oil Machine turns a developed country oil of fuel of sex of production plant of makings of large-scale use Edible Oil Machine and soja albumen fiber. And the Edible Oil Machine of our country has stronger dependence to the international market. According to statistic of national statistic bureau entrance Edible Oil Machine(included to import oil plants to change oil 2006) 12.26 million tons are close to in those days 57% what total supply of fat of countrywide Edible Oil Machine measures. Entrance soja more amounted to 31 million tons to increase 9% above to import Edible Oil Machine838 compared to the same period 2007 10 thousand tons grow 25% above compared to the same period. Demand of Edible Oil Machine depends on international market international market increasingly to a sign of disturbance or trouble affects quickly market of domestic Edible Oil Machine. From the country internal cause always says what by the person more little fundamental national condition decides natural resources of our country farmland is scarce the rate that lack is quite outstanding. And exceeded constant development to bring about farmland resource as what the growth economy of population builds too fast, overmuch decrease cause farmland resource rare the rate that lack also heals hasten is acerb. From this also aggravate the contradiction that grain, cotton, oil contends for the ground. Because be in quite long commissariat of the decision inside level, cotton, oil-bearing crops substantially the biggest impetus of increase production is measured is to sow an area to have bigger. . . (The article in all 3 pages) read full text >>

Authoritative provenance " red flag manuscript " 2008 12 period Chinese grease

About the reflection of oil of plant sex fuel

The substitute of the fuel oil that makes in order to give birth to content resource be makinged be raw material with mineral products resource for raw material. Early of this kind of idea already put forward via somebody. In 190 0 year the viscosity that there is what regard diesel engine as fuel with peanut oil to demonstrate newborn thing hard to avoid to if the plant is oily,have some of drawback on Parisian exposition is taller freezing point is higher and the problem such as cylinder knot dirty fails to solve. Cost also cannot pass a barrier. 30 time come 2 0 century the liaison man that oil deposit of door of our country only jade has some of oil extraction and rear area of oil refining industry during War of Resistance Against Japan of 4 0 time carries place to need fluid fuel to be obliged to be replaced with the product of cracking of charcoal, alcohol, balmy oil and vegetable oil high temperature. Much at that time tung oil cannot the main trend that export as it happens uses at high temperature cracking to become preparation oil substitute. Can light aeriform calorific value because of what charcoal furnace happens inferior car opens discomfort uphill difficult also. Alcohol should be raw material with commissariat and rear food is not much also. Balmy oil (if camphor is oily) crop is few. The quality that because be in,the high temperature splitting decomposition of war grease has not enough time to do some of scientific research and design is product of dispersive indigenous method start and cost are not ideal. Also stay without enough technical data. Already made not small contribution to the motherland even so. Right the research of this respect and developer will rise to guide henceforth reach beat. . . (The article in all 2 pages) read full text >>

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