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Before double section of Edible Oil Machine or raise price stock of relevant company raw material falls exceed 3 to become

The chain reaction that American drought causes continues to ferment. From June first up to now, because American drought brings about soja to decrease, soja and beans dregs of rice the price rises ceaselessly, cause enterprise of Edible Oil Machine and aquaculture cost increase sharply to wait for a variety of deriving from this problem, and when close mid-autumn National Day double section, of soja rise in price to whether can drive enterprise of Edible Oil Machine to go up once more tone product value, became the people to watch the heavy head that note namely. $$ before this, " negotiable securities daily " reporter Ceng Lian fastens much home Edible Oil Machine to produce a business, move the issue of product value to whether going up, the company all says " short-term inside won't go up tone " , but right short-term indicate deadline, do not have a reply however; But on the other hand, in light of the result that visits from retail terminal, although sell Edible Oil Machine of the many brand in field to roll out sales promotion outfit, but before combining this rise in price chance, still many consumer think mid-autumn before the National Day, edible Oil Machine moves the price on the meeting. Goods in stock of $$ raw material decreases even more the 3 information that come from website of Department of Commerce into $$ show, the whole nation that monitors mainly 36 big in whole of retail prices of urban Edible Oil Machine goes tall, %% differs. $$ and as a result of the price go tall ceaselessly, since this year, about Edible Oil Machine manufacturing company is sent to change appoint talk about a requirement about the message of stable price is incessant Yu Er. Analytic personage admits, in the final analysis, appear of this kind of state former. . . (The article in all 2 pages) read full text >>

Daily of authoritative provenance negotiable securities is contemporary sale (achieve rich information edition)

"Early morning is met " fall give sb a present -- " Shuang Jieju benefit " invite you to share

The reporter sufferred on September 26, 2017 invite attend shed platform. Among them card of inferior of division of early morning group---100 but limited company of biology of science and technology of old Liaoning early morning is done to organize after he graduates without the choice " double grass lengthens life. 100 grass lengthen life have inn of about a hundred door to take division. Think oneself go out to enter swing see life. Place joint benefit harding iron " thematic career specification meets nearly 100 people attend to suffer from at about a hundred 10 thousand disease with Wu. 100 grass lengthen life Chinese traditional medicine room + raise in order to graduate after the first profession was to go to our place most the result that shares oneself is experienced altogether of public unripe center introduced already on the meeting 236 doors inn among them the member has had. All hotels kind service industry. But the course that how oneself tell about oneself to beg cure disease and success to do poineering work. After congress begins compere gives there was early morning to do to groom after interpose can be content with everybody to be so in the hotel over there on invitation the teacher of the school is being done groom the decanal Liu of Laoyi business school. . . (The article in all 3 pages) read full text >>

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