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Cold Oil Pressing MachineFrequency of problem of trade of soak oily equipment gives intelligence to change development is good plan

Cold Oil Pressing MachineFrequency of problem of trade of soak oily equipment gives intelligence to change development is good plan

After oil of soak legal system introduces our country with its superhigh oil yield, soak oily equipment gained remarkable development success. However in last few years, the depression of mechanical industry, brought enormous development pressure to equipment manufacturing industry, abroad's advanced soak equipment also enters our country, the market of oil expression equipment with only nibble. How does soak oily equipment of home break development deadlock, highlight development tight encirclement, infinite potential is developed in limited market, by Henan manufacturer of Hua Tai oil press makes simple analysis below: 1, the current situation that wants development of equipment of recognize home soak above all. Some closer year of demand effect that gets domestic oil market, impetus of development of soak oily equipment is swift and violent, increase sharply of amount of manufacturer of oil expression equipment, factory of each district oil expression is bristly, for the edible oil of our country demand market made graven contribution. Suffer international economy to develop an effect, oil expression equipment of home also appeared to develop a problem in succession, if produce content of can superfluous, technology rate of not tall, automation is low problem, solve urgently; 2, next, want to admit the difference of as advanced as international level. Mechanical product of home gives a person in order to feel, it is big and not strong fact presence, on a lot of international in low end demand, be full of the product of our country. However, on market of equipment of high-end oil expression, see the figure of brand of our country oil press rarely. The equipment technology power of visible our country is insufficient, the portion in high-end market is inferior, with international advanced productivity contends to still need further progress; 3, the current situation that recognize develops and difference, be about to begin to solve these to develop a problem. In the light of soak oil equipment industry produces can surplus problem, the supply side that can answer a country actively to put forward reforms strategy, fall into disuse backward produce can, executive annex recombines, make effective strength. And be in to difference, establish specializationed technical group only, have continuous study, research, breakthrough, practice, use new technology in equipment product, just can alleviate these problems; 4, the soak equipment of our country is put in difference, basically reflect go up in automation level, equipment of oil expression of high end of scan widely market, all without exception changes the make an issue of on the level in intelligence. The intelligence of soak oily equipment changes main body to be designed in the craft of early days now, equipment produces the automation of treatment, reduce an error, the numerical control that later period equipment runs is changed, decrease artificial, prevent factitious operation undeserved the loss that cause, raise exercise rate. Domestic soak equipment raises intelligence to influence horizontal ability only gradually market of get the upper hand of. Above is the simple analysis that Henan China peaceful develops about soak equipment future, hope manufacturer of pair of broad oil expression and user are helped somewhat. Manufacturer of oil press of Henan China peaceful, equipment of professional soak equipment, fine equipment, form a complete set of oil press whole set produces manufacturer, professional technology and service, plan of expert guidance oil refining, achieve for the user receive peaceful of each value China to make try hard ceaselessly. The Lai Huatai before welcoming broad user inspects a choose and buy, information contacts piece of manager please related understanding more

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