Copra oil refining machine

Copra oil refining machine

Type: vegetable oil refining, Copra oil refining

Capacity: 10-600T/D

Material:Copra oil

  • Details
  • Copra oil refining flow chart:

    coconut oil refining

    Copra oil refining production line process description:

    1.Coconut oil refining tank Two-speed motor, the pot is heated using a serpentine coil, internal wing stirrer, oil heating up fast, uniform washing, the use of automatic welding technology, looks good and beautiful.

    2. Coconut oil drying and decoloration tank Pot can double serpentine coil heating, cooling, under the head cone, automatic welding technology, looks good appearance, good airtight internal wing agitator and save energy.

    3. Coconut oil efficient vacuum Use of energy efficient low shelf soda injection pump, pumping capacity, high efficiency, saving steam and so on.

    Coconut oil refining production line Technical highlights:

    1. Continuous mechanization to reduce human labor, reduce labor costs.

    2. All automatic welding technology equipment package, look beautiful and clean.

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