Cottonseed Oil Extraction Equipment

Cottonseed Oil Extraction Equipment

Type: cottonseed extraction machine

Capacity: 30-5000T/D

Processed Material: cotton seed
  • Details
  • Cottonseed Oil Extraction Process:

    1.Rotocel extractor use chain transmission, it has the specific balance rotors design, low rotate speed, small power, stable operation and no noise. The maintenance cost is very cheap.

    2.Feeding system can automatically adjust the air locker and motor speeds depends on the material feeding capacity. Thus can guarantee the material storage box has certain material, it is good for forming mini negative pressure in the extractor, can reduce the solvent leakage.

    3.The advanced mixing oil circulation principle design can reduce the fresh solvent consumption, reduce the residue solvent in the oil, and increase the concentration of the mixing oil. Through reducing the evaporation capacity can save the energy consumption.

    4.The extractor’s high material layer lattice design is good for forming soak type extraction, and reduce the meal content in the mixing oil. Thus can increase the quality of the oil and reduce the scale formation in the evaporation system.

    5.It is especially good for pre-press cake solvent extraction.

    Cottonseed Oil Extraction Desolventize toasting section:

    1.The unique vapor transmission disc design is good for the material contact with the steam fully, get the best de-solventizing effect. Use small direct steam, the temperature of second steam outlet is low.

    2.The pre-desolventizing layer and vapor transmission layer adopt the bell mouth discharge. It is good seal, even discharge, stable material level. Each level control each level door, so the discharging is stable.

    3.The meal quality is stable. Urease activity reach the national standard. The color is light yellow, color is even, no clot. The moisture is adjustable, temperature is a little higher than the room temperature, it can pack directly.

    4.The machine reducer use the world famous brand product, stable performance and low failure rate.

    Cottonseed Oil Extraction Evaporation section:

    1.Low temperature evaporation, low solvent residue in the crude oil, light color. There is no phospholipids separate out. The evaporator and stripping tower there is no scale formation.

    2.The use of long tube condenser increase the recycling rate of solvent, reduce the area occupation of condenser equipment, save the investment.

    3.The use of cooking pot can reduce the residue content in the waste water.

    Advantages of the cottonseed extraction process:

    1.The mixing oil after 2 filtering and negative pressure evaporation, reduce the scaling in the evaporation system, it can extend the cleaning period of the evaporation system.

    2.Light negative pressure process can save steam, save energy consumption.

    3.The second steam in the condense water tank can use for waste water pre-heating, reduce the steam consumption.

    4.Collect all the steam water in the extraction, then pump into the boiler room for second use, can use the residue heat in the water efficiently, save the water use of the workshop

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