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Current situation of trade of our country Edible Oil Machine and development suggest

Development of nation of designing institute of research of science of grease of Xi'an of bureau of national commissariat reserve Dean Liu Shipeng and reform committee want an organization to undertake recently " 915 " during development of industry of Edible Oil Machine of program of development of industry of our country food plans also amid this task gives bureau of commissariat of my courtyard country. Does Zhang Xue section chief point to not is if current capacity gives effect without play,industry of oil of ① have a thorough grasp has a case why? How will the construction direction policy of oil industry support ② 5 years henceforth the oriented home of policy's current technology capacity whether the need that satisfies future 5 years. For instance whole production uses a line (make yellow ketone of oil, albumen, different wait) domestic technology whether level tries in supporting what technology to be in if the technology closes what technology to involve; technology and scale nevertheless nevertheless,had matured between. . . (The article in all 6 pages) read full text >>

Authoritative provenance " Chinese grease " 2004 12 period Chinese agriculture academy of sciences

Blessing faces a small Edible Oil Machine that pack to develop foreground and countermeasure research

The daily requisite that Edible Oil Machine is people is used to as the increases people consumption of people living standard by bulk oil Xiang Gengwei's unripe, more healthy Xiaobao installs Edible Oil Machine to develop. As a kind of commodity the small Edible Oil Machine that pack is in a few economy relatively the market leading role that the big city that develop already became Edible Oil Machine. The Fujian Province is countryside of Chinese famous live abroad the traffic communications center that is on Chinese the East China Sea and Nanhai is China is apart from southeast Asia, on the west inferior, one of province with East Africa and the closest the Oceania. As whole nation of the small Edible Oil Machine that pack the blessing of the 2nd brand faces door Edible Oil Machine to develop prospect in Fujian Province market capacious. Foreign capital is divided the terminal sale that Edible Oil Machine holds to Xiaobao outside controlling right mastered to also undertake be osmoticed large-scaly in segment of raw material of our country Edible Oil Machine, product with control. Brand of ten when the first brand and its banner issue the small packing Edible Oil Machine of our country 23 lines is the enterprise with solely invested foreign capital. Grain fastens in " blessing faces the door " the vane that the small Edible Oil Machine that pack regards China as the banner that Xiaobao holds brand of nation of Edible Oil Machine and market is China this one industry is only can with foreign capital gold Long Yu. The blessing in the Fujian Province of the strong area that studies shop sign of fish products of outer capital dragon faces a Xiaobao to install brand of Edible Oil Machine to master market run to absorbing historical experience. . . (The article in all 82 pages) article catalog | Read full text >>

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