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Development trend of Extraction technology for oil making machine

 Extraction equipment used Extraction technology more and more advanced, which for us is a happy thing, today penguin manufacturers will introduce the development trend of oil Extraction technology.

① mixed solvent Extraction process. The mixed solvent Extraction process is a new technology developed from the early 1970s to the late 1980s, with the main purpose of mixing solvents with different polarities. In the oil Extraction process to complete the extraction of different components. The first mixture of hexane, acetone and water (HAW) developed by the Southern American Agricultural Research Institute, can leach the gossypol in cottonseed, both oil and detoxification. This technology in China has a certain market, but to form a stable industrial production there is a difficult way to go.

② expansion of Extraction technology. The direct Extraction technology of oil is currently limited to the processing of low oil content, there is no breakthrough in the high oil content in the progress, and the expansion of Extraction technology will make this technical problems with a solution. Extrusion Extraction technology has been widely used in soybeans, cottonseed and rapeseed processes, and its most significant advantage is energy saving, which is 45% higher than the yield of direct Extraction (the same Extraction capacity) -50%, the power consumption of processed oil is greatly reduced, and the residual oil is also easy to reduce, the quality of oil greatly improved. Technology is constantly improving and updating. Past oil processing is the shell oil stripping, but not too much on the requirements of the oil. In recent years, the preparation of peeling oil containing leather processing to improve the finished product meal nitrogen content and the comprehensive utilization of oil hull, soybean peeling has been successfully applied in the production, Lai seed peeling work is still further studied.

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