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Do good cole industrialization to develop big literary works

Report from our correspondent (reporter Tang Wenlin) a few days ago, dong Shijiang of director of standing committee of city National People's Congress leads city classics appoint wait for relevant branch chief to join company of Edible Oil Machine of county of hill of red tower area, high mountain, around do do business of big Edible Oil Machine by force, drive whole town cole to grow line of business, advance a country to cultivate structural adjustment, production of stimulative flue-cured tobacco undertakes survey. Emphasize wanting to study rape industry catenary builds a problem seriously, do good cole industrialization to develop this big literary works, ensure the farmer is added close, the enterprise is advantageous, stimulative flue-cured tobacco is produced. $$   is when survey of limited company of brilliant luck Edible Oil Machine, dong Shijiang asks company controller wants to combine our city flue-cured tobacco to cultivate need, think seriously how catenary of outspread cole industry, advance business development further. In limited company of oily food of food of snow of another name for Yunnan Province, after Dong Shijiang understood company production and management situation in detail, point out, managing is company success or failure is talent, management, crucial, after snow of another name for Yunnan Province removes oneself, no matter from plant area layout, introduce, quality of technology, product, brand built the respect such as sale network to already had the essential factor that builds industry bibcock, want to study industrial catenary is built seriously next, do become big company by force. Want to make a machine through research. . . (The article in all 1 page) read full text >>

Agriculture of Fujian of daily of brook of authoritative provenance jade

Rape high yield is high grade help advance somebody's career technology

County of Qing Dynasty shedding cultivates rape to use rice, paddy, rape cultivates mode to make full use of cropland of wintry spare time cultivates rape. Will be executed energetically for years optimize breed, timely sow early grow early, increase adjusting control of density, balance fertilization, biochemistry and plant diseases and insect pests of comprehensive prophylaxis and treatment to wait for crucial technology to dig latent capacity of rape per unit area yield and character to make energetically my county cole mu produce achieve on average 150 kilograms. Its are main technical operating rules is as follows one, choose thoroughbred choice high yield if combination of cross of high grade cole or breed are oily grind 7 date, oil grind 9 date, medium miscellaneous oil 2 date, Hunan are oily breed of cole of 15 date, this locality. 2, timely sow late rice of my county double season to be commonly on November the middle ten days of a month is reaped. To ensure timely transplant cole wants to be on October the middle ten days of a month should sow. 3, breed Zhuang Miao to press seedbed and land for growing field crops 1 ∶ 4, the scale choice of 6 is earthy and loose two years of evenness of convenient, relief, above had not planted fecund, irrigation and drainage the dry land of other cole serves as seedbed. Before sowing, careful soil preparation accomplishs layer of earth of farmland face level finely on the fact below empty. The seedbed that earth up fertilizer mu employ pig dung 1000, 1200 kilograms or night soil 500, 600 kilograms of bicarbonate ammonium 20, 25 kilograms of calcium superphosphate 20, 25 kilograms of potassium chloride 5, mix 6 kilograms mix divide evenly piles soak 7, 10 days of union rectify a bed to mix divide evenly is applied at the watch. . . (The article in all 2 pages) read full text >>

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