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Dong Ling grain is oily: Protocol adds collect endowment catenary of nearly 600 million outspread Edible Oil Machine

The oil of Dong Ling grain that stopped a card temporarily on September 15 is announced 16 days directional add hair beforehand case, / the price is added surely do not exceed 30.3 million, collect endowment amount does not exceed 592 million yuan, use at casting to Edible Oil Machine advocate course of study 3 projects, include from the whole industry chain that sheds to content, and compensatory circulating fund. $$   basis beforehand case, 3 collect join a project will all by Guangzhou Zhi Zhiyuan grease industrial limited company is carried out, pack workshop project and Guangzhou Zhi Zhiyuan grease for integrated project of Edible Oil Machine, Edible Oil Machine respectively industrial limited company 2 period project of dock of project form a complete set. $$   among them, integrated project of Edible Oil Machine plans to be in Guangzhou Zhi Zhiyuan builds 1000 tons inside plant area of the sand austral oil company / product line of fine of extremely big soya-bean oil and 1000 tons / cent of day Palm Oil Machine carries product line each one, oilcan of form a complete set, dregs of rice the establishment such as library and sewage disposal, construction cycle predicts 12 months, , after building go into operation, predict the project invests in-house yield (after duty) % , investment pay back period (after duty) (contain construction period) . Project of construction of the workshop of Edible Oil Machine of $$     that pack plans to produce per year 160 thousand tons of Edible Oil Machine to pack a project in same place construction, build a packet. . . (The article in all 1 page) read full text >>

Oily market of authoritative provenance grain signs up for journal of Henan worker college of medicine

Catenary of medicinal material green is discussed in

The medicinal material is to show in medicine of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine basic and academic guidance issues the different requirement that goes up in cure according to the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine in and all sorts of special making working procedure that undertake to the medicinal material will be medium medicinal material preparation is Chinese traditional medicine the distinctive pharmacy technology of prepared herbal medicine in small pieces ready of decoction. This technology is the advantage industry that China has own intellectual property but material tradition put forward the Chinese traditional medicine that there also is a lot of problem to existing before while the in put forward and be being approbated extensively medicinal material as green theory brings new opportunity to challenge. The actor bad of the quality after tradition of material of 1 Chinese traditional medicine keeps the crude drug in the problem that be in affects a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine to be in directly clinical on the clinical practice that its pass the effect that treat a disease thousands of years formed distinctive n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine experience and show level. But in Chinese traditional medicine there still are following problems in material and process of n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine. . Have at present emphasize an experiment overly considering and oversight is right document especially the experimental requirement that the phenomenon that ancient books data studies has an experiment to undertake midway discovers place is chosen repeatedly is not quite reasonable or experimental purpose is ambiguous wait for a circumstance to appear bring about cannot achieve expectant goal value. For example Chinese traditional medicine although material the fruit of Chinese magnoliavine is in Tang Dynasty " repair a book on Chinese medicine newly " in have. . . (The article in all 3 pages) read full text >>

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