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Edible Oil Machine rises in price " " outer

Golden dragon fish and blessing face the door is Xiaobao vane of value of market of outfit Edible Oil Machine -- its parent company is mixed in beneficial Hai Jia in food group already decided the plan that raise price rises in price 10% the left and right sides. Those who regard the bibcock enterprise of Edible Oil Machine as them rise in price affected whole " oily city " at present the extent raising price such as domestic other soybean oil, peanut oil, rapeseed oil is nerve 4% raise price even to 10% parts soybean oil each supermarket of big city weighs 10% above to already received citizen of each district of the announcement that move price. Because the pressure of raw material cost of soya-bean oil is too great,the account that oily company of the food in the beneficial Hai Jia that place of golden dragon fish belongs to represents to rise in price is " raw material price rises continuously amount to 27% bring about cost price case to be hanged badly " . Soja entrance price climbs those who rise to be considered as this Edible Oil Machine to rise in price continuously the biggest shove a hand. Since July our country imports soybean all what price already appeared 3 months is successive rise. The price of the oil of feedstock oil bulk that holds Edible Oil Machine as Xiaobao is the closest 3 months go up panel height is amounted to 30% . Price of soya-bean oil of bulk of the first ten days of a month was in 7200 yuan this year in July / ton control and to October the middle ten days of a month already went up 9300 yuan / or so tons. Besides Edible Oil Machine sugar, , the food price such as wheaten, gram and garlic also rises considerably domestic inflation anticipates strong big environment or will make price of Edible Oil Machine go tall further. Edible Oil Machine is turned over. . . (The article in all 3 pages) read full text >>

Authoritative provenance " produce market weekly " 2010 43 period Jiangxi food industry

Packet installs the sale good luck of Edible Oil Machine

20 centuries 80 time end people is earlying childhood empty bottle goes grain shop makes oil. The crop of the small Edible Oil Machine that pack that begins China from last year however already amounted to 800 thousand tons and increasing by degrees every year with the speed of 30 % . The expert forecasts the small Edible Oil Machine that pack sale is expected to achieve 30 0 inside 3 years 100 million yuan. This tremendous and inviting market are each oily who can hold kind of manufacturer this good luck? The increases packet to hold oily market demand of the development as economy of our country countryman and people living standard is bigger and bigger the competition of the market also all the more is intense compete by inchoate purchasing power outspread to 2 0 century 80 time end, 90. Analyse what Xiaobao holds market of Edible Oil Machine to develop through making an on-the-spot investigation basically face the following problems. Main sale channel -- , off-season do market peak period to beg sales volume packet to hold oily sale advocate channel is quantity of terminal market of food oily food, supermarket to peddle welfare of inn, group to buy 3 advocate channel. The effect that because the city is different,every channel has in the sale is distinct also. Sale of the small Edible Oil Machine that pack and other the characteristic with kind of food the oldest than its photograph is home enterprise or business the unit is in mid-autumn, the festival such as new year's day, Spring Festival extends for employee this kind of product when welfare is first selection. Consequently Xiaobao installs Edible Oil Machine kind product weak busy season is outstanding like beer, mineral water. . . (The article in all 1 page) read full text >>

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