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Environment of fat of deserted Edible Oil Machine pollutes countermeasure of prevention and cure

"Fat of deserted Edible Oil Machine " (the following abbreviation wastes oil) it is to point to what arise in management process to food produces management unit cannot again of the after moving vegetable oil to basically include grease to use generation of edible cannot again the grease of edible (be like via for many times after decoct blast is used " old oil. According to concerning city of data statistic Guangzhou (show 8 former divisions do not include a flower area, time Yu area and development of Guangzhou economy technology) inside have 7 000 about as a result of,the useless oil that whole town of line of business of service of meal of much home size produces every months has 3 Ooot about partly. . . (The article in all 4 pages) read full text >>

Authoritative provenance " Guangzhou environment science " natural resources of 04 period water studied 2003

Current situation of environment of water of the trunk stream that repair a river reachs the way to deal with a situation of contaminative prevention and cure

55 ′ of ° 00 ′ of ~116 ° north latitude 40 ′ of 28 ° between 30 ′ of ~28 ° . The trunk stream that repair a river originates mountain fastness of Huanglong of Yu Mufu mountain range leaves a hole from south shed classics haven, Cheng Fang north, east ferry comes between col of Zhou Jia, horse as confluent as water of broken bits ferry hind oneself on the west. Drainage area 14 398km2 is old and average discharge 390 M3/ . Mine of tungsten of the 1/ that 10 thousand people of.5 occupy whole town total population, censer hill, hold in the arms child product of 100 million yuan of main industry has the enterprise;.1 such as essence of stone power station, tea, pottery and porcelain main produce has product of raw coal, capsule, tungsten; of Huang Jiang, whitebait always repairs a county total population. . . . (The article in all 3 pages) read full text >>

Authoritative provenance " water natural resources studies " 2007 01 period railroad survey and design

Subway vibration pollutes countermeasure of prevention and cure

The generation mechanism of 1 subway vibration and train of oscillatory and characteristic subway are predicted in orbit _ when moving, as a result of annulus the interaction between course, the vibration that causes basically has the following 3 kinds of types bump vibration to pass rail when the wheel juncture is in or rail is expressed and rough when suitable place, the wheel bumps these discontinuous place, the rate that causes perpendicular direction produces instantaneous to change and generation changes force, thereby incentive car and rail vibration. Slip and oscillatory car is predicted in circuitry of curve of smaller part diameter when moving, the wheel suffers rail to restrain cannot along the curvilinear tangent of rail direction moves, can be in only rail is traverse and _ ! A few generation are transverse and slip, make the wheel is expressed and appear seed! Move action and slip, thereby, the wheel moves vibration of the generation below the circumstance in resonance. Scroll vibration steps when the wheel and when 4 protruding are rough, wheel scroll pounds rail, make forced vibration produces between wheel and rail. 1, 2 subways vibration is characteristic (the monitoring result that source of L) subway vibration wants urban subway vibration by force according to domestic land (1) seeing a table, fall in standard circuitry condition (curvilinear radius 250n, gradient 35% , of laid 50~6okg/m rail without suture road, use integral roadbed, flexibility to part type is buckled) .4 DB. Subway vibration course issues a peak. . . (The article in all 3 pages) read full text >>

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