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Fat of Edible Oil Machine refines the nicety small hole in the process filters

The need in the process of all sorts of Edible Oil Machine filters for many times with purify liquid grease in all sorts of do not need not dissolve sex impurity. If foreign matter purify can ensure the product is clear more completely,thorough does not produce precipitation inside transparent quite long period. Press oil expression to filter in thick class the need after purify thick broken bits filters through crude oil decolour Bai Tu filters dried meat filter or refine filter to operate;oil Extraction Machine to also need crude oil etc (miscella) filter decolour Bai Tu filters dried meat filter or refine oil filters. These filtering efficiency heals expensive product quality also heals tall. Filter because of what this filters a few times this one of vital technologies that the technology often makes influence product quality control rate and cost. Use at fat of Edible Oil Machine to refine craft filters mediumly technology (filter medium and filter device) already had a variety of although each have inadequacy but all be on certain level all sorts of detached problems were solved on production. Economic development always can make all sorts of technologies the development of industry of ceaseless progress Edible Oil Machine also makes grease filters the technology innovates ceaselessly. Nicety of will rigid high polymer is small 15 years ago aperture filters the technology develops those who be used at Edible Oil Machine to all sorts of filtering even if innovate one of. Carry out repeatedly for years through a lot of brainpower already more and more the advanced sex in showing this one technology to refine in Edible Oil Machine, practical, economy and dependability application domain and applied dimensions are in ceaselessly expand. All application example all demonstrates this one ability. . . (The article in all 4 pages) read full text >>

Authoritative provenance " Chinese grain oil learns anthology of paper of annual meeting of the 3rd learning (below book) " produce

Small capsule technology uses research survey mediumly in fat of Edible Oil Machine

Small capsule is changed is one kind uses special material to bury all sorts of form substance bags rise to issue the miniature that material releases inside ability general to pack a technology in appointed condition only. The material is core that weighs the matter that is buried by the bag normally also calls nucleus or content thing. The material is a wall that weighs the material that includes the material that bury core to realize small capsule to change also calls housing, velamen or bag capable person. Mural material adds a few other part to be made again for main material with polysaccharide, protein and cellulose mostly. The small capsule appearance of the different place preparation that chooses mural material, core material and technology according to place also can differ somewhat have form of globose, cereal, bead look, piece form or other irregular form. Small capsule technology has a lot of functions to be able to reduce the noxiousness, stability that increases material to still can mask the scent of food itself unpleasantness. This technology is early the difficult problem that in 20 centuries 50 time had gotten applied settlemented a lot of traditions the method is answered hard. The oil that this technology already was used extensively in oil production to change processing through small capsule more facilitate store up and carry widened the suitable scope of grease was its industrialization development to offer more convenience condition further. The research survey that uses in grease to small capsule technology undertakes summing up with period provide reference for follow-up research. . . . (The article in all 3 pages) read full text >>

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