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Go into operation of another company of own brand Edible Oil Machine

Ding Rui of chief correspondent Wu Jian's reporter reports report from our correspondent on April 2, industrial limited company produces per year gentleman of benefit of heart of appropriate spring city twice put into production of complete of product line of outfit of fill of 8000 tons of Edible Oil Machine. This is afterwards of central the city zone " green Long Runxin " another Edible Oil Machine after tea-seed oil is own brand enterprise, indicating chain of industrialization of our city commissariat is farther outspread. $$ . . . (The article in all 1 page) read full text >>

Authoritative provenance appropriate spring daily south agriculture machinery

Product line of automatic fill outfit controls lube systematic analysis and design

The integral work program that the article offerred lube to the design of product line of automatic fill outfit asks to develop and make this product line. The effect that the process lube of product line of automatic fill outfit basically has 1 lube to lubricate counteracts component to need lube in daily life production. From this the production of knowable lube has decisive effect in industrial big production. Its technological process is shown 1 times like the graph [1] . Graph technological process of 1 lube product line pursues 2 distribution plan decides product line main body decorates slideway of classics of upstair empty canister to glide to carry a system to 2 buildings by 3 buildings. According to foregone condition and technological process main body of preliminary and firm product line uses the layout form of paralell connection and the transfer matic that series connection comprises. A variety of overall arrangement considering when protocol plan is better through analysing what after comparing, get position below [2] . Layout 1 if the graph is shown 2 times,can make the layout of transfer matic compact because fill outfit machine and the work efficiency of lid coming back are low,go up in the first paragraph part two transfer matic will extend pitch time and the work efficiency that seals machine and packer to wait in machine of code of the 2nd paragraph of gush, heat. But this layout should assure two to handing in remit not to appear automatic. . . (The article in all 2 pages) read full text >>

Authoritative provenance " southern agriculture machinery " 2017 16 period print of high teacher and student

Automatic fill installs the design of plant of solid model of product line education and development

Foreword is developing to gain ground quickly at full speed when technology of recent group automation. Domestic numerous college sets major of automation major automation is the major with a very strong practicality. It is very difficult when the pupil learns professional and academic knowledge that if lack intuitionistic education,actual engineering design trains a student get used to real work quickly. Carrying out education is to raise student major to carry out the link of serious teacher and student of ability of skill, substantive work to get attention fully consequently. But because the condition restricts practice,education courses is existing to carry out course and production integratedly to be out of line actually to forbidden student is operated in exercitation process and bring about exercitation effect to owe the problem such as beautiful. [1] to solve above the design developed a variety of problems to be based on can make up Cheng controller (the automatic fill of PLC) holds unit of solid example of product line education. This device uses PLC to control technology of screen of bus line of market industry spot, electric drive, sensor, feeling, pneumatic and an organic whole to use a variety of transmission way imitate to finish liquid fill to install a process. Automatic fill installs product line emersion this device applies the manufacturing situation of real industry spot in academic education to make the student learned knowledge to perceptual knowledge enhances education effect; to place it is OK that this device applies in practice education high school student it is to undertaking operating settlemented a student directly during school theory. One, systematic compose. . . (The article in all 2 pages) read full text >>

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