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Hair change appoint new politics fear cutting foreign capital of Edible Oil Machine hard alone big

"Policy comes too late, the ethical company in present soja industry has been squeezed to go out for the most part bureau, foreign capital is finished already in the layout of soja industry. " an administrative layer personage of 93 grain oil plaints. At the beginning of April, national hair changes appoint announced newest a batch " opinion of guidance of foreign investment catalog " , mention among them wait for seed of soja of investment of limitative foreign trader, rapeseed, earthnut, cottonseed, tea-oil tree of all kinds Edible Oil Machine fat and have investment.   of $$     and the basis came on stage 2008 " opinion of guidance of foreign investment catalog " , hair change appoint restricted soja to foreign capital investment only, rapeseed and this 3 breed, nowadays is whole to Edible Oil Machine breed undertook foreign capital invests limitation.   of $$     however, the personage inside course of study thinks, this file that comes tardy cannot change the structure of market of Edible Oil Machine of home of dominant of business of food of existing foreign capital. The hair of basis of   of   of   of $$ of business of foreign capital food that $$   cannot estimate changes appoint official website shows, this new directory asks for an opinion to stalk of grain is national hair change appoint release jointly with Department of Commerce, it is to be in " catalog of guidance of foreign investment industry (edited 2007) " of aspirant travel edit, the date of expiration that seeks an opinion was on April 30. The adjustment of   of $$     to this new directory, the personage inside course of study thinks to just begin to take safeguard to domestic oil industry from last year, right. . . (The article in all 2 pages) read full text >>

Authoritative provenance China manages newspaper commissariat and grease

After soaring, market of domestic Edible Oil Machine what course to follow?

Since the beginning of the year, home market Edible Oil Machine rises in price almost perforative annual, rise from the peanut oil after the Spring Festival, to 3, soybean oil rose April, arrive again 5, rapeseed oil bought the price to achieve a history because of rapeseed June new tall and on raise, drive whole of price of domestic Edible Oil Machine to go tall continuously. Up to H month 21 days, 4 class soybean oil already from October first 8, 500 one 9, 600 yuan / ton go up to 10, 200 one 10, 300 yuan / ton carry in grease rate of exchange brace up below, house of early days price is tall no less than rapeseed oil also are moved on implementation, 4 class rapeseed oil from 9, 200 yuan / ton rise to 10, 800~H, 000 yuan / ton. And palm puts aside oil to also go up power is continuous, from 8, 000 yuan / ton rise to 8, 900 yuan / or so tons exalted. At present each district clinchs a deal the quantity still calculates idealer, trafficker enters town more active also, but terminal market demand had not have turned truly. Suffer oil price to be in more exalted buy to have all the time continue to be invigorated to evidence, trafficker is valued quite to market level of grease of the home before the Spring Festival mostly, because this enters city filling library in great quantities, exist on certain level " bet prices " psychology. Accelerate pair of soja, soybean oil to import batch to purchase as near future our country, price of international market grease, oil plants also appears to go up quickly raise evidence, predict short-term inside arrogance of city of ox of market of our country oil as before. And in national reserve oil centralized annulus gives the market, reach correlate price " fall. . . (The article in all 4 pages) read full text >>

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