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Henan China peaceful - the dazzling bit that soak equipment industry grows

Henan regards solvent extraction as the country that equipment makes, collected manufacturer of oily equipment of about a hundred soak, among them medium or small manufacturer is countless more. But want to say the soak device of which enterprise,have competitive advantage more, market performance strength is best, should belong to manufacturer of oily equipment of soak of Henan China peaceful, old brand enterprise has actual strength more take on. Manufacturer of equipment of soak of Henan China peaceful develops up to now, already all previous classics more than 30 years, plunge into want Zhengzhou development of new and high technology, it is company of home's well-known old brand of soak oily equipment, this factory author is director of association of our country oil, have experience of rich oil expression oil refining, cooperate with Henan industry university, mechanical institute new technology of research and development. Rich and generous history develops inside information, make Henan Hua Taicheng long be a dazzling star in soak equipment industry, hua Tai is being held to all the time seek progress in order to innovate, it is with sincere letter essential, father to close equipment quality, increase oneself comprehensive strength ceaselessly, gradually gate of field of hole reopen after a cessation of business. Hua Tai is the synthetic oil machinery plant with market research and development, production and Trinitarian sale, the company owns center of independent business affairs office, build new plant area to amount to more than mus 160 oneself, own modern factory building of the standard, reach all sorts of large-scale production to machine equipment, look attentively at manufacturing quality, it is the consistent tenet that Hua Tai develops. The enthusiasm before carry out is like fire, in carry out low-key respect property, carry out hind serves heart to heart, it is the service criterion of China peaceful company, also the service with comprehensive absolutely makes Huataiji round in grease machinery the industry rises quickly, become the well-known company of Central Plains and even domestic the first of all, equipment is sold as far as to domestic and international more than 30 countries and area. Oily group of China peaceful food is dedicated mechanical research and development produces grain oil and sell, main production facilities has oil of oil press, helix oil press, hydraulic press, filter equipment of machine, soak, fine equipment, with be far ahead of trade sales volume, the user that every year can countless is attracted will to Hua Tai look around inspect a choose and buy. Nowadays, henan China peaceful is oil of our country grain mechanical production and exit base, devote oneself to the research of grease machinery equipment and innovation all the time, it is domestic food oily machinery to grow the first brand and ceaseless effort. To Hua Tai like you manufacturer sets stock will, can inspect a choose and buy to manufacturer, get Hua Tai more and pertinent information contacts piece of manager please

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