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Investment helps force food industry 5 billion yuan times add

Report from our correspondent (reporter Zhang Huaizhong) yesterday, hold in edifice of parliament of Belgian Brussels Europe " green of the 3rd 2013 worlds designs forum " on, the Kang Yi that comes from Chinese Hunan amounts to trustee of limited company of science and technology of tea-oil tree biology to grow Sun Junying's speech, the enthusiastic echo of the expert inside course of study of the Europe in was being caused, people already open-eyed at with tea-oil tree " water enzymatic law " the design of green production technology that is core and 0 discharge the effect, in admiring health Yi Da to be designed in green food again " former zoology does not contain any additive " criterion and pursuit, health Yi Da acquired year accordingly " green design international dedicates award " honorary. The reporter is believed from labour of the Changsha City appoint know, kang Yi amounts to limited company of science and technology of tea-oil tree biology to will invest 5 billion yuan, with 3 years of time, growing developing zone of economy of alluvial gold glow, build year of processing seed of 200 thousand tons of tea-oil tree, predicting annual produce 26 billion yuan complete province is the biggest integrated base of Edible Oil Machine. $$ " water enzymatic law " 11 working procedure choose Hunan of raw material $$ subtly is tea-oil tree cultivates big province, area and crop house whole nation the first. Although company of a few food also is in Changsha,make a contribution somewhat on tea-oil tree production, but before this, changsha does not have base of large Edible Oil Machine, and health Yi Da uses Hunan " oil of seed of tea-oil tree of extraction of water enzymatic law and technology of form a complete set " the patent technology that waits to have intellectual property oneself, the thing that uses golden glow haven sheds a dominant position, construction. . . (The article in all 2 pages) read full text >>

Invention of evening paper of authoritative provenance Changsha and innovation (old science and technology)

Lake Hunan scans

In river of peaceful countryside charcoal new discovery institute of archaeology of cultural relic of Hunan Province of relics of two place the Western Zhou Dynasty was in a few days ago its are small letter platform announces to be in in river of peaceful countryside charcoal in the archaeology investigation that has inside limits of red line of project of project of establishment of form a complete set of park of national archaeology relics and exploration new discovery the ground of period of two place the Western Zhou Dynasty. Already came up out of land at present two relics all discovered a few cultural relic the typical implements of the culture in charcoal river. (According to Changsha evening paper) does Hunan ground rice leave factory the uniform standard that make is the sale basic be label of the food when bulk delivers product of card sampling observation, Q S how is the label tagged go up in the product? The security of wet ground rice that Hunan person breakfast often has is superintended the branch executes the law related bemused all the time government. The survey through 3 years a few days ago " license of production of wet ground rice examines detailed rules " give heat and seek an opinion publicly to the society. This is meant ground rice will unite safety of food of the standard that make to will have safeguard more henceforth. (Occupy 3 Hunan Metropolis Daily) garden of science and technology of Hunan sea approach obtains batch of national level science and technology enterprise hatch implement occupied recently " ministry of national science and technology about announcing science and technology of level of 2015 year state the announcement of enterprise hatch " Hunan Hai Ling science and technology. This garden developed family of heat energy of the Cheng in Hunan Province 2010. . . (The article in all 1 page) read full text >>

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