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Is price of Edible Oil Machine held to accuse by foreign capital?

The report said recently " market of Edible Oil Machine is operated by foreign capital domestic company counterpoises without the price. " change to this hair appoint price department expresses to be able to be held without the enterprise about chief controlling capacity of Edible Oil Machine of home of value of market of Edible Oil Machine is brand of relatively superfluous Edible Oil Machine more consumer has enough choice space. At present the price falls compared to the same period a lot of " oil of vegetable of our country edible consumes 60% support to import price of domestic Edible Oil Machine to get an international market the impact is bigger " hair change appoint the official states price of home market Edible Oil Machine took situation and international market 2009 basic consistent Dan Bo moves extent to want to be less than an international market. Nearly two months because cost of Edible Oil Machine of ascendant home of price of international market soja, soya-bean oil raises Edible Oil Machine of home of influence near future to rise in price but at present price level still is compared on the whole on year drop more. Change according to sending appoint monitor last year in December the first ten days of a month 36 big in price of urban soybean blend oil is every pails on average (5L).3%% . In January 2009 ~11 month 36 big in urban soya-bean oil and colza oily retail prices still are compared respectively the corresponding period dropped last year 28% with 23% . Later period is in fluctuate on price at present " price of Edible Oil Machine of home of predicting later period will be in current price. . . (The article in all 1 page) read full text >>

Authoritative provenance " brand and standardization " 2010 01 period agriculture

Market of Edible Oil Machine is bred allow to weigh and the path is far

Will nearly one year having a such personal experience is to see a movie then, the person that sees a stage play mushroom is box-office a little if bit better movie is not booked cannot buy a ticket. And the cinema that accommodates 100 bearer in two not far years ago one often does not sit only 10 people. Saying with its is form if " Afanda " the company of film movie and TV that the giant audience group that such extraordinary and wonderful box-office tycoons attracted an audience to still be inferior to saying is such in spirits drew wonderful unsurpassed and audience are both had developed to be attracted each other promote each other. The prosperous period that can say film market has come. The market of this prosperity is by consumer economy income ask with the vision comfortably off rise, the cinema moves low fare and company of movie and TV's more and more masterly work to be made jointly appropriately come out lack markets of any one party film to still be in place revolve. Market of our Edible Oil Machine also is such. The main oil that soybean oil need not say to had become our country to consume the market oneself is planted northward peanut oil and southern rapeseed oil also divide the world to suit relatively in oneself each with familiar market be on terms of intimacy. Next seed oil and oil still are in sunflower to be severally blast breed period although consumption day is gradual much but the market still exists to consume a space tremendously. 5, you may not see in the supermarket to oily some the person is met even 6 years ago. . . (The article in all 1 page) read full text >>

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