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Next accusing is squeezed on company of oily, rice, surface very get hurt

On January 5, 2011, the abundant beneficial international that holds larger share in domestic grain oily market issues announcement, announce with fine in the 6 place residence that the joint ventures contest of limited company of construction China limited company, China of sweet case lira takes Liaoning battalion mouth and commercial plot score a success, predict total investment will achieve 7.5 billion yuan. Before   of $$     is early on December 22, 2010, .   of $$     is less than the time of half month, the joint-stock company that abundant beneficial international enlists achieves 10 billion yuan to the investment accumulative total of real estate, will look from dimensions, abundant beneficial international is right the interest of estate and the attention of no less than oily to grain business.   of $$     a personage inside course of study sighs with emotion, do not enter capital market, do not do the other business such as estate, enterprise of Edible Oil Machine should realizing gain is a lot of more difficult than before.   of   of $$     2010, the soybean that place of food oily company needs, paddy, wheat appear to rise considerably, nevertheless, in the country macroscopical adjusting control falls, the price of Edible Oil Machine, rice, flour is done not have with the attune on synchronism of raw material price, old of Edible Oil Machine, rice, flour people each gain pressure soars.   of   of $$     is wheaten Spring 2010 before appearing on the market, concerned branch was announced in those days wheaten. . . (The article in all 1 page) read full text >>

Authoritative provenance economy of commissariat of China of daily of the first finance and economics

Hubei is at ease effect of construction of system of grain oily market is distinct

201.5 billion jins achieve the history new tall. In " Jing Chu puts heart grain oily project " lead next grain oily company total production value comparing of more than 290 billion yuan of left and right sides " 915 " the 40%; that end increases to hold production value of industry of complete province food nearly 200 billion yuan is at ease system of grain oily market obtains apparent effect up to build in all by 2015. . . (The article in all 1 page) read full text >>

Authoritative provenance " Chinese commissariat economy " 2016 04 period globalization

American big drought is affected to international grain oily market

Because near future whole world suffers the effect that frequency of weather of serious and natural disaster sends especially the severe drought that the United States produced 50 years to be not encountered brings about grain crop to drop commissariat rises in price international food stock reduces menace to reach the world commissariat is safe. Face the effect of ravages of a drought with serious whole world and grain price to rise substantially our country should pay close attention to closely highly take effective measures to ensure the environment stabilizes macroscopical economy to be economic progress to create good exterior condition according to the working total fundamental key that advance steadily. Continuously the serious harm that production of rice of M of Zuo of weather of dry of tall Qing Gan brings ■ , ' ■ make heavy drought with what give Home I IN to get the better of the stability that produces a circumstance to reach grain market to the world to remove a stomach to want. 8 with. Occurrence rainfall of center-west region of the United States at the beginning of Feburary year 6-7 month ' did the United States happen 5 Dan Yu fathers 6 years quantity not? IIdifUZ^IHI United States encounters crop of serious and dry grain gets major effect. ... ' ? / big whole ravages of a drought continued to develop drought to be opposite in August the influence of grain oily crop returns a likelihood to expand this year. . . . . (The article in all 5 pages) read full text >>

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