Oil Solvent Extraction

Oil Solvent Extraction

Type: crude oil extraction line from multiple oilseeds

Processing material: soybean, palm fruit, cottonseed, rapeseed, peanut, camellia seed, sunflower seed, rice bran, corn germ, safflower seed etc

Capacity: 30-5000T/D

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  • Oil Solvent Extraction Introduction

    Oil solvent extraction method is using organic solvent through soaking or spraying contact methods to dissolve oil contained in the oilseed (pressed cake, flake, expansion material) by oil extractor, and then the oil will be separated from the solvent by a series of evaporator, condenser, stripping tower etc. The wet meal within less than 1% oil will be further processed by the desolventizer-toaster/DTDC to remove the solvent and obtain the product extracted meal.
    The solvent oil extraction method have many advantages than the direct pressing method, such as after extracting, it will have low oil residual( extraction oil residual is < 1%, direct pressing oil residual is about 7%), low labor intensity, better work environment and better cake quality etc. 

    Oil Solvent Extraction Production Line


    Each section introduction of oil solvent extraction production line

    Extraction: The extractor mainly has level rotation extractor, loop type extractor and towline extractor

    1.Level rotation extractor feature: Simple structure, reliable operation, low power consumption, high miscella concentration, good self-filtering effect of fixed material layer, less meal powder contained in the miscella, good extraction effect, etc.
    2.Loop type extractor feature: There are twice material layer turning in the entire mobile extracting process, which is conducive to the uniformity of the material layer by the solvent and miscella;Extraction of lower material layer is good for material layer promptly permeating and draining by solvent and miscella, so the extraction time will be short, wet meal contain less solvent and low oil residual.  
    3.Towline extractor feature: It usually use big capacity circulating pump, with advantages of good permeation effect and low solvent rate in wet meal. It can make sure the residual oil in meal not more than 0.8% under the circumstance of smaller material-solvent ratio, improve the concentration of the miscella, remove the solvent content in the wet meal, and greatly reduce the solvent evaporation.

    Miscella evaporating: It is the process of using indirect steam to heat miscella to reach the boiling point, the solvent will be vaporization, and the miscella will be concentration.

    Wet meal treatment: Wet meal after oilseed solvents extraction generally contains about 25% solvent. Wet meal must be carried out on the desolventizing, drying and cooling process to obtain qualified finished meal.

    Wet meal desolventizer toaster: DTDC

    Solvent recovery: In the extraction process, the most of solvent is recovered by the condensation  of  steam and mixed steam.

    Condensing equipment tube condenser (vertical tube condensers, horizontal tube condensers), spray condensers, plate condenser

    Oil Solvent Extraction Production Line Featured Advantages: Extraction technology and equipment feature

    1. Adopting negative pressure evaporation and reutilization technology can reduce evaporation temperature. The mixed steam from DTDC and the waste steam discharged from steam jet pump will heat No. 1 evaporator to economize the heating steam of No. 1 evaporator.
    2. The heat exchanger in paraffin wax recovery process exchange heat between high temperature paraffin wax poor oil and low temperature paraffin wax rich oil, which will save part of heat.
    3. Collecting all the steam and water from the extraction pump into the boiler for secondary utilization.
    4. Adopting superior steam trap to reduce steam consumption in workshop. At the same time, collecting all condensate water to pump into boiler room for recycling, this will economize soft water of boiler and heat energy.

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