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Oil Solvent Extraction Plant

Preparation of oilseeds, oil solvent extraction collectively referred to as crude oil, edible oil products as must also be refined. To retain the unique flavor and some color press oil, usually after filtration, hydration degumming, alkaline deacidification, washing in addition to soap, vacuum dehydration, colors exceeding the prescribed standards also use activated clay boil extraction. Preparation of fat in addition to oil extraction through the above process, but also through the vacuum deodorized to remove odors inherent in oil and residual volatiles. Some fats (such as rice bran oil, sunflower oil) also increase dewaxing processes can be used as salad oil, but also increase the winter of degreasing processes. Different fats, edible different requirements, different processes determine the depth of oil refining.   Oil solvent extraction plant is very special edible oil processing method. The whole process uses a kind of organic solvent to immerge crude edible oil out of processed oilseeds. This kind of oil extraction equipment is mainly used for those of low oil content oilseeds such as rice bran, rapeseed, cottonseed oil processing etc. 

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