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Oil press machine About the analysis of fraud of equipment of the closest occurrence refined oil

About the analysis of fraud of equipment of the closest occurrence refined oil

About appearing again recently of fraud of refined oil equipment the analysis of the circumstance and attention

Oil press fraud begins to rise wildly in 5 years, because the farmer does not have legal consciousness,they decide the goal on agricultural machinery is, or legal dimension advantageous position is difficult. Main concentration is in Beijing and Guangdong area, they are preliminary formed an a lot of interest groups, from at the beginning the product cheats present product quality to improve gradually, begin to enter normal commercial course.

Cite the case of a company of Beijing some oil press, before a few years they rent the office of below 40 square from an office building, after buying an oil press from an oil press factory, begin to be in each TV stations, their oil press is popularized on the network, after drawing a visitor, the guest should look to the workshop, the thing that they can say to this is high-tech cannot look around external, they sold a lot of oil press that cannot use later, somebody is duped somebody comes, the Chinese is much, register oneself trademark to successor home, get oneself patent, looked for very good small manufacturer to offer money to oneself, low-cost, quality is low. But price of sale oil press is very high, cheated the client that has had tens of thousands of now, the boss became billionaire, the company became an industry famous label. much not much

But recently fraud of a lot of oil press appeared, they basically are comprise by a flock of individual small-sized perhaps companies, by the salesperson or professional cheater is participated in. Main component is form of oil press bilk two kinds:

One, it is a purpose with pure business bilk, wait for all equipment products without oil press, just use advertisement to publicize, media way is found buy farmer potentially, pass next a series of the product that professional sale skill lets a client believe his facilitates buy deed, once they disappear a trace after collection deposit, it is typical swindler, this kind of person not only give priority to with oil press, all agricultural products inside, main deceit object is a farmer.

2, with the product deceit is main measure, they have their product and brand, but it is sham thing completely, as a child oil press of mill composition twilight is secondhand perhaps update, some are scrap iron even, they will complete sale action entirely, call in payment for goods entirely, but after final client discovers his oil press is scrap iron late. This kind of fraudulent action is more acridity than on one kind and evil slightly, because he is diddle almost farmer all equipment moneys.

About oil press fraud, complier has advice only, do not want covet petty gain, not lazy save trouble does not go to a factory making an on-the-spot investigation, do not want the flicker of credulous salesperson, want to believe oneself eye. Only everybody is with afore-mentioned circumstances sleep lightly, it is certain to buy oil press to be searched definitely go to manufacturer, must sign a contract, scarcely can believe cheap thing won't be deceived, can buy true, durable oil press.

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