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Oil press machine Fine equipment is so reasonable unexpectedly accuse lukewarm

Oil press machine

In fine equipment production, reasonable control temperature is attached most importance to especially to finished product oily colour and lustre should, once temperature control is exorbitant, can cause oil plants to answer acidity of grease of color, influence. Control of the temperature in fine process should be mixed according to percent of decolourization FFA increase rate, control a system through intelligent temperature reasonable adjustment, make crude oil issues decolour in optimal temperature condition.

The fine equipment that 1. Hua Taisheng produces is adopted heat control lukewarm system, it can undertake accommodative oneself modulatory according to environmental temperature change, ensure all the year round, each season awaits a condition to fall to all can be produced normally;

The 2. development as industry of equipment of food oily machinery, of fine technology craft upgrade, of grease compress heighten of grade of progressional, fine, oily quality of oil yield, finished product also has safeguard greatly;

3. fine equipment increases production efficiency, shorten production is periodic, still reduce specific power consumption at the same time, use use multistage pressurization, vacuum filtraction, rose to compress efficiency and compress quality;

Equipment of 4. China peaceful uses international standard rolled steel and part entirely, the design is compact, wear well, installation is convenient, service life, it is the 3 times above of common device.

Oil press machine Fine equipment is so reasonable unexpectedly accuse lukewarm

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