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Oil press machine The edible oil that how solves oil press crush out deposits the problem of occurrence precipitation

The edible oil that how solves oil press crush out deposits the problem of occurrence precipitation

It is the grease that what reason causes oil press crush out, does after is in the course period of time deposited, bottom meeting have a lot of precipitation? No matter be small-sized oil press, what hydraulic press goes out is oily, time became long it is oil of advanced and excellent edible even, even if be in national grain oily storehouse deposit grease to be able to have precipitation. What reason causes this, it is today the truth that I should tell everybody and fact.

Sedimentary can chemically method and physical kind will solve, but the sort of method is not the key that solves a problem, unless a kind of method, that handles heavy panel vacuum completely to close namely. A little sedimentary still, these are extremely petty raw material broken minor details, it is normal phenomenon, can edible. Want what means obtains to use pure physics to compress only oil expression just can have such precipitation first, the reject oil that the market sells can adopt chemistry add measure complete purify these broken end. Because the broken minor details such as earthnut, sesame seed is very petty, the general classics screen pack that applies normally cannot be sifted thoroughly except, the oil that presses crush out to come with oil press consequently is put in small broken last stage precipitate mostly, but these broken end won't give in good health bring any harms, common in nature of the metropolis in check process precipitation is in bottom, also do not affect edible.

But although these are sedimentary,won't cause harm to human body, then we have the idea that solves thoroughly, it is filtering problem above all, the grease that refined oil equipment compresses is crude oil should filter for certain, can be passed and after refined oil equipment complement uses oily machine of filter of expensive accurate and centrifugal type to filter, restock precipitates, next precipitation resect again vacuum is sealed rise, such disaccord air contacts can make the fecal precipitation of grease, this is the grease that why has filtered, deposit the reason place that can have precipitation. Still having kind of idea is fine, be in a supermarket like us, the buy soak oil in the shop is same, had entered fine order to come out, won't have precipitation, but also want sealed pack, otherwise opens Chu Fang to still can have precipitation case.

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