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Oil press machine manufacturers to take you to understand the shell with oil shelling

The shelling is an important process before the oil is made. Oil press manufacturers because of a lot of oil with a very high amount of equipment (Table 3), in addition to soybeans and rapeseed, the other oil with the players are more than 20%. Such as finished pressing or leaching to take oil, then the finished pigment, glial and wax and other impurities in the process of oil will be transferred to the oil, increase the color of the main oil, reduce the quality of oil, resulting in refining difficulties, but also So that the equipment production capacity and the oil string down, increase the power consumption of the camera parts wear.

Oil press manufacturers oil shelling, should be based on the different characteristics of various oil shell, the shape and size of the independence of the Branch, between the shell and the attachment of the situation, using a different method of peeling.

Common methods of peeling are:

1. Friction method by the oil and the mat noodles of the rubbing effect of the oil finished broken, for example, with a disk shelling machine stripping cottonseed finished, peanut shells and oil fried hulls and so on;

2. The hit method uses the impact of oil and the wall or the impact of the shell to break the shell, for example, with the oil press manufacturers centrifugal peeling machine peeled sunflower finished, safflower shell,

3 shear with the sharp surface of the shear effect of oil crust crushed; for example, with a knife off the machine stripping cottonseed finished;

4. The squeezing method relieves the oil shell by the squeezing action of the roll

5. Air impact method with high permeability through the flow of oil to produce high-speed grain and sand on the wall of the impact, friction and shelling.

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