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Oil refining machine Equipment of salad oil oil press

Oil refining machine Equipment of salad oil oil press

Equipment of salad oil oil press

Main characteristic: The operation is simple, be economical, apply to soja, rapeseed, cottonseed oil, peanut oil reachs other oil refining.

Zhengzhou China peaceful is the mechanical equipment that is engaged in production manufacturer of old equipment of oil press of professional salad oil, a well-known company, the welcome comes to a factory visit guidance.

Salad oil:

Oil of edible of crude oil of a kind of purificatory suppress gets salad oil, OK and direct edible, use at Western-style food especially, salad, leng Su dish names from this. Salad oil color is flaxen, clean, transparent, without peculiar smell, delicious good, be used at cooking when it, without bubble, little smoke. Become it to be able to deposit 5.5 hours in zero, it also can keep clean, transparent (divide) of earthnut salad oil. Besides use use at deepfry, and it basically is used at be being worn directly in chill and sauce, and also can be used at making butterine, remove ghee, mayonnaise and other flavor oily.

Salad oil uses high quality oily seed normally, the first seed will be pressed, receive crude oil, and will be refined arrive degum, de-acidification, decolour, deodorization, dewax, defatted wait. Processing, in order to get end item. Salad oil container should special, clean, dry, sealed, according to food sanitation and safe requirement. It must not be mixed with other cooking oil edible is oily, mineral oil mixes. The expiration period is to be in as one used to do same 6 months.

At present the supply on the market salad oil has soybean salad oil, rapeseed oil, sunflower oil and rice bran are oily. Alias of salad oil raw material: Salad oil.

Now, have soybean salad oil, rapeseed oil salad oil, sunflower salad oil, be furnished with rice bran salad oil at at present the market.

Oil refining machine

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