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Oil refining machine Oil equipment is full automatic lukewarm charge systematic good point

Oil refining machine

In contemporary oil production, all oil equipment all used intelligent temperature to control a system, in order to go to the lavatory oil equipment operation, timely adjust temperature. Equipment of a complete set of is divided into outside makings, all proper motion such as temperature control, vacuum filtraction is finished, have property forthright of reliable, operation, safeguard convenient, have energy-saving, oil yield tall, cover an area of small wait for a characteristic.

Workshop section of oil expression of oil equipment product line, give priority to with hydraulic press, its construction includes circle of canister of upper beam of crock of piston, hydraulic pressure, pillar, activity, base, oil pump, makings, electric heat to reach accuse lukewarm device automatically to wait. Material all uses stuff of high grade metal to make, machine function rises considerably, use fixed number of year is able to lengthen.   

Characteristic of hydraulic press function:

1. oil yield is high. Compress with the tradition equipment photograph is compared, normal oil yield but tower above 2 separate an aspect to 3, every machine 100 jins of pignut average but many 2-6 jin.

2. specific power consumption is little. Coequal crop reduces electric power 40% , with average horary managing computation of 6 degrees of report, day is produced but managing 30 yuan of charge of electricity.

3. labor intensity is small. 1 can organize production to 2 people, day can save labor effect to make an appointment with 40 yuan.

One machine of 4. is multi-purpose. Can extract a variety of 30 oil-bearing crops such as earthnut, til, sesame seed, colza, oily certain herbaceous plants with big flowers, cottonseed, soja.

Oil refining machine Oil equipment is full automatic lukewarm charge systematic good point

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