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Oil refining machine price The research state of equipment of oily refined oil of edible of foreign double screw

The research state of equipment of oily refined oil of edible of foreign double screw

The company of SUEH RO EPM of research state Japan of equipment of oily refined oil of edible of foreign double screw is the company of equipment of oily refined oil of edible of a professional production. Waited by Isobe S 1992 [9, 1o] person developed clench the teeth of a kind of part and the equipment of oily refined oil of edible of parallel double screw that rotates reversely (place of the I that be like a graph shows) , undertook on this oil press the test with all sorts of produce solid separate fluid studies. Made be improved further and finalizing the design produce to its 1999.

The device of oily refined oil of double screw edible that laboratory uses uses partial clench the teeth and the structure of parallel double screw that rotates reversely, screw diameter D=136 Nun, long way compares LID = 6.5, n = 17 R/min of screw rotate speed, enter one 150 Kg/h of makings rate Q= 50, two helical axis turn with opposite way, greater pressure and shearing force arise in the upper part of region of engagement. Helical axis structure, extract basket if compression ratio and structure, cake eduction structure pursue 2 are shown. The small pitch helix of a pair of complete clench the teeth was used in the 7th paragraph of double screw, with benefit at increasing oil yield. Extract basket use parallel of 50 one 34 vertical to extract basket board be combined with spacer and become, filter oily clearance undertakes modulatory through the spacer of 0.2 one 0.9 Mm, if pursue,3 are shown. Extract basket board have two kinds of different ply, thick model (thick 15 Mm) board in have the circular chuck; that serve as refrigeration or heats thin model (thick 5 Inm) board can increase slit to filter area. In two hollow helical axis, control helix temperature through vapour gush person. Press Duan Cai to use beforehand wide ask unoccupied place, high-pressured Duan Cai is used narrow ask unoccupied place.

Seed benevolence mixes the sunflower that the person such as Isobe uses exuviate respectively not the lettuce seed of desquamate is on double helix mill and odd helix mill undertook contrasting compressing experiment. The exuviate sunflower seed without pretreatment benevolence (moisture 3.2% , the oil yield that oily 58.6%) compresses with double helix mill is achieved 93.7% , and the oil yield of odd helix mill can achieve 20%; to compress only not the lettuce seed of desquamate (moisture 7. 94% , the oil yield of oily 40.70%) is 71% , although its oil yield and odd helix mill comparative, but extract basket temperature is low, make an appointment with 70 90. Because compress temperature is low, the quality of oil and cake is high, pressure is relatively inferior also, the quantity containing residue of crude oil is accordingly little, specific power consumption is low. All results make clear, make from inside oil plants with double helix mill taking oil is efficient, receives oil and the quality excel that dregs of rice are odd screw mill. Be in at the same time compress in the process, leave out normally a series of pretreatment working procedure, reduced the process cost that controls oil expression.

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