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Oil refining process Equipment of edible oily refined oil extracts craft of snail gush solder

Equipment of edible oily refined oil extracts craft of snail gush solder

Equipment of edible oily refined oil extracts craft of snail gush solder

Layer of solder of gush of equipment of edible oily refined oil is designed

Through edible oil refined oil equipment extracts snail invalidation to analyse, layer of solder of spurt of affirmatory third region devises plan. Equipment of edible oily refined oil extracts the semi-manufactured goods that machine treatment wants to become before snail gush solder, aperture ministry put apart processes a volume. Layer of solder of gush of helix place requirement is smooth level off, after oil press solder no longer machine treatment. After cone gush solder, because of with piece tell a circle to have coordinate a relation, machine treatment needs to come after solder coordinate measure. The basis heats up characteristic of gush solder craft, gush solder cone uses 2 footwork operation, gush solder helicoid uses one footwork operation.

Craft of solder of gush of equipment of edible oily refined oil

External form of helicoid of craft of helicoid gush solder is complex, requirement of gush solder layer is smooth after level off, solder need not machine treatment is used directly. But gush solder helicoid suffers craft confine to be able to use one footwork only, groovy solder of one footwork gush sends pink the volume by artificial control spray gun, solder layer surface achieves very tall flatness hard. Send pink for automata to solve this difficult problem to must change to send pink artificially, along become sectional ground general alloyed powder sends helix high accuracy gush solder bath. For this, use powder feeder of high accuracy of pilot of silicon controlled rectifier and gush solder to turn embryo. When gush solder, workpiece rotation, spray gun go up along helicoid lead move, alloyed powder sends spray gun ceaselessly by powder feeder in a steady stream inside, send gush solder bath via spray gun again. Be decided by of gush solder quality does quantity sending pink and parameter of workpiece rotation linear velocity to whether match, powder feeder sends powdery voltage 40-50 volt, turn fetal revolution turns in 1.3 / inside cent limits. Capacity sending pink appears in overmuch solder layer rawish pink is amiable the blemish such as aperture, quantity sending pink brings about layer of solder of dilute of mother capable person too less, wearability drops. Consider to make clear, the helicoid that uses solder of gush of this kind of method is smooth whole, after solder no longer machine treatment can satisfy use requirement.

Solder of gush of cone of craft of cone gush solder uses 2 footwork to operate. Use oxygen first spray gun of powder of one acetylene blaze will add up to complete pink gush to go up to cone, gush comes after requirement ply, besmear gush the layer fuses with blaze remelting gun. If gush solder technology has mastered, “ lens face appears to glance when remelting ” , surface of layer of the solder after remelting is slick level off. But sometimes craft parameter incorrect or differ from quality of frit alloyed powder. The oxidation when pulverous spray is serious, glance without “ lens face when remelting ” phenomenon, quality of the surface after remelting is very poor also.

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