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Oily: of jade emperor grain? " ah is bully  rare skip low  ?

Going up early century at the beginning of 90 time, jade emperor grain is oily already sortie packet holds market of Edible Oil Machine. Come 20 years, those who face the market case rise and fall volt, although Yu Huang does not have creation to give brilliant in that way like Lu Hua result, but as before work steadily, slow and steady, enter a the world that gave to belong to oneself. 2011, . $$ only then the oil of grain of Shandong jade emperor that was built 1956 feeds a broom limited company, it is the county austral Ju is having long development 10 thousand history one of food oily companies. Grain of $$ jade emperor develops oilily, witnessed the development of local food oily industry not only, also witnessed local earthnut oil pressure to extract historical changes of the industry at the same time. $$ in recent years, face grain oily market to compete flabby, product sells intense price hard new condition, oily establish of jade emperor grain " inspect quality to be life, want beneficial result to management, rely on science and technology to seek progress, beat the market with sincere letter " management guiding principle, innovation business management, optimize product quality, widen management market, make oily brand of jade emperor grain with all one's strength, make enterprise dimensions expands ceaselessly, economic benefits grows steadily. $$ is current, oil of jade emperor grain has developed become flour of a collect, grease, food and earthnut goods production to manage the industrialization at an organic whole enterprise of provincial key bibcock. $$ ever by Lu Hua " exceed instead " $$1990 year, of short duration fastens commissariat system, zhao Anbin joins in jade emperor grain is oily. 2. . . (The article in all 2 pages) read full text >>

Newspaper of oily market of authoritative provenance grain is plastic pack

Did not pack you to be no good

~~ did not pack you. . . (The article in all 1 page) read full text >>

Authoritative provenance " plastic pack " 2017 01 period the masses is literary

" snacks of little strange beast is packed "

~~ " snacks of little strange beast is packed. . . (The article in all 1 page) read full text >>

Authoritative provenance " the masses is literary " 2016 09 period modern economy information

The taxation of packing plans

One, the article that the notional packing of packing points to to in the enterprise production sells annulus husband to package a product if bucket, bottle, box, altar, basket, canister, bag. The product that the current fashion of packing basically includes to follow production sells packing of rental perhaps, lend together or collection packs cash pledge. The case paying tax that different current fashion place involves also can exist the corresponding accountant processing when poor similarities and differences also is met different. Packing has double economy property. On one hand they attribute the fund that stock follows goods of raw material inventory one kind to have a company euqally as liquid assets. On the other hand packing can work as labor again. The manufacturing work that is an enterprise as other fixed assets offers a condition not to form product itself as running stores itself but go in the value that its value carries the means of amortize finally to transfer a product. Packing has value small utility to use means diversity more. . Put in raw material course to undertake business accounting the packing bottle with for instance oily fingernail and candied oilpaper. General not independent to this kind of packing valuation follows commodity is sold together. . . . (The article in all 2 pages) read full text >>

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