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Oily look forward to is accused usury business exceeds channel fact to shove a hand for high price

To " sea lion " card Edible Oil Machine transcends the argument with a price big difference in different business, chief shows oil of sea lion of Shanghai beneficial friend related industrial limited company, business exceeds all sorts of renown purposes to collect fees, make company profit space ceaseless decrescent, also make at the same time different business exceeds a value that produced to differ. $$ a few days ago, first about " Shanghai hair changes appoint mix from the net " Shanghai develops innovation " small gain announces 10 large and integrated supermarkets of whole town the Xiaobao of 48 doors inn holds price of Edible Oil Machine " the eyeball that the message is full of a netizen. $$ this message thinks, by grease of sea lion of Shanghai beneficial friend industrial limited company produces " sea lion " card edible plant is oily, % . This message still cites the viewpoint of the personage inside course of study " the price difference that channel of Shanghai beneficial friend's different replenish onr's stock produces is not strange, differ nevertheless so much, the profit space among the specification is large also. " $$ " sea lion " this Shanghai hair changes $$ of all the details of path of complain of being wronged appoint the respect announced a century Le Fu of couplet China, Bo Feng lotus, home, happy buy, China couplet Ji Maicheng, Woerma, farming industrial and commercial, big, announce commodity to include soybean oil, peanut oil, rapeseed oil to wait to make an appointment with 50 breed in all. $$ message says, price of this supermarket commodity is special difference of price of the Edible Oil Machine in announcing is the biggest is " . . . (The article in all 2 pages) read full text >>

Oily market of authoritative provenance grain signs up for society and commonweal

Taiwan is trouble-free travel shoves a hand

Of Zuo of brigade of Dai of barrier of stage ining tears shove a hand - \^ of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces of Zuo kind and gentle ^\\ " · - 7s? , ! Ii)^SSSISISI"^^^^^ of Zuo of; , N_W seizes IH^a stage IVMnKiMmMrswii^4v | Stage M+tS+ big Ffai^w^-199 blast =;^i;a MlTnaMfi^^EHH stage " ? W? Does Wen Qi flow " # ? * ? · I*-F$ ? W8BJ? ? Aii? A-I999^y^smf' ■ ■ ' £ ^HB. ... L " effect Ji sows 5 £ to connect strap! Municipal head of Ffn of of Zuo firm $ is hot - Zoo! Year ^^ ? JSs_' , '.jit^s^ ? Iis? ? A? 2i? ^is Jj^l IjwS^e? 05^ Xiao is unripe. . . (The article in all 2 pages) read full text >>

Authoritative provenance " society and commonweal " 2015 08 period apply writing

Life must 6 kinds of some friends

Push hand push hand to be good at encouraging total meeting to push you to terminus. The good point that advances a hand to contribute his time generously to assist you to find your uses these advantage; effectively at the same time never envious you or the competitor that become you. Pillar always stands in the same alignment, belief that supports you with you. Pillar is your first-rate advocate when you are successful they can be you to feel proud and meeting and someone else are shared. It is the foundation that the friend with your interest close also is numerous and close friendship very together very together. Such special friendly feelings invites the friend that you become all one's life. Companionate no matter circumstance how. . . (The article in all 1 page) read full text >>

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