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Palm oil extraction machine manufacture in China

Palm oil is an important part of the world oil market, at present, its share of world oil output more than 30%. Palm oil is squeezed from the oil palm tree palm fruit (Elaeis Guineensis) out of flesh called squeeze out oil palm (Palm Oil), and kernel squeezing out oil called palm kernel oil (Palm Kernel Oil ) component two kinds of oils different. Palm oil containing mainly palmitic acid and oleic acid, the two most common fatty acids, palm oil saturation level of about 50%; palm kernel oil contains mainly lauric acid, the degree of saturation of 80%. Traditionally refers palm oil means palm fruit squeezing out of crude oil (Crude Palm Oil) and refined oil (Refined Palm Oil) .

Palm oil processing gathering palm oil making, palm oil refining, and palm oil fractionation processing lines, ensures high efficiency and high oil yield of edible palm oil.

Palm oil pressing machine provides high oil yield crude palm oil making from palm fruit and palm kernel. 

Palm oil refining machine enables high quality edible vegetable oil refining processing from crude palm oil efficiently. 

Palm oil fractionation technology divides palm oil into liquid and solid oil by different welding points and different solution of various triglycerides composing oil.

The main equipments are crude oil tank, phosphoric tank, acidification tank, dryer, bleaching clay tank, bleaching clay dosing device, mixed tank, decolorizing tower, condenser, deodorization cooler, vacuum deaerator, deacidification tower, crystallizer, stearin melting tank, palm olein tank, circulating oil tank.

At present, Henan Huatai cereals and oils machinery company limited equipments in many countries has already running production, in actual running, customers company proved Henan Huatai oil machine equipments are very good in same industry, low energy consumption, is reliable oil refining equipments.

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