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Prevent over-refining edible oil

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In nowadays society, accompany with the increase of people’s demand for higher living quality and strict requirements for the edible oil color and smell, many people like the bright-color and light-smell oil, which caused many manufacturer excessively refine the edible oil by oil refinery machine so as to lose the nutritional value.
At the moment, edible oil is divided into four grades, which's third and fourth grade oils refer to the edible oil with the simply processing of degumming and deacidification, and the first and second grade oils are processed through dugumming, deacidification, decolorization, deodorization etc. The higher the oil grade, the lighter the oil color, so the grade one oil should be colourless, odourless and tasteless. Generally, the more the impurities and hazardous substances in the oil remove, the higher the oil grade is, and also the higher the oil grade, the higher refining degree. If the refining degree is up to first grade, there will be very few impurities in the oil, but some nutrients are almost lost. Such as soybean oil contains carotene that will be removal after the bleaching process, and soybean oil color will become light. Moreover the refining degree of fourth grade oil is not high, there are abundant carotene, chlorophyll and vitamin E in the oil, and so if considered from the perspective of nutrient retention, the fourth grade oil should be the best. However there are many impurities in the third and fourth grade oils, customers can make choices according to their own requirements.
In order to control 'over-refining' for product oil, Chinese government points out that the product oil excessive refining is a outstanding problem to be urgently solved in the development of the grain and oil processing industry. As a grain and oil machine manufacturing enterprise, we have the responsibility and obligation to strictly control the grain and oil processing technology, and create a good living environment for consumers.

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