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Purpose and methods of oil refining

oil refining

Oil refining purpose:
Oil refining usually refers to crude oil refining. The presence of impurities in crude oil, not only affects the edible value and safe storage, but also makes it difficult for deep processing.  However refining purposes is not removal of all the impurities from oil, but is to remove impurities which are harmful for edible, storage and industrial production, such as gossypol, protein, phospholipid, mucus, moisture, while the useful ‘impurities’ need to be retained, , such as totaxin etc. Therefore, the refining purpose is removing the needless and harmful impurities to obtain product oil satisfied with certain quality standard according to different requirements.
Oil refining methods:
Depending on the operating characteristics and selected raw materials, oil refining method can be broadly divided into three types of mechanical, chemical, and physical-chemical methods.

Above refining methods often can not completely separate. Sometimes when using one method, it also can produce another refining effect. For example, alkali refining (neutralization of free fatty acids) is a typical chemical method. However, the soapstock produced by neutralization reaction can adsorb pigment, mucus and portion etc, and also can be together separated from the oil. This shows that accompany physical and chemical processes when alkali refining.

Oil refining is a more complex and flexible work, which must select the appropriate refining method based on oil refining purposes, technical condition and economic benefit.

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