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Rapseed oil machine The cleanness of oil equipment and wholesome environment ask

Rapseed oil machine

Equipment of China peaceful oil is one kind continuous vegetable oil is made take facility, its principle basically is the deliquescent action of organic dissolvent and grease, through be opposite oil plants gush drenchs, immerse, the grease composition in efficient extraction oil plants. Current, the application in the treatment in oil of soybean oil, peanut oil, rapeseed oil, cottonseed is wide, realize plan of equipment of whole set oil and quoted price, you dial 0371-67812866 directly.

As a result of the characteristic of solvent extraction equipment, its cleanness and wholesome environment have particular demand, be like: Transmission, lubricant should prevent dirt or other foreign matter; After the job ends, production wants the incomplete cake inside cleaning equipment, the dirt of erase surface is smeary; Compress after equipment uses an end, should clean helical axis unship residual, sign a club to swab transit coming back with dry cloth and cotton at the same time, prevent to jam.

What advantage does side of performance of equipment of China peaceful oil have? Our equipment all uses international standard rolled steel and part, the construction is reasonable, wear well, beautiful and easy, installation is convenient, use fixed number of years is longer; Our equipment was used heat lukewarm control a system, change according to surroundings self-adjusting temperature, ensure to be able to be produced normally below any climate conditions; Our equipment efficiency tall, specific power consumption is low, use multistage pressurization, vacuum filtraction, rose to compress efficiency and compress quality.

Rapseed oil machine The cleanness of oil equipment and wholesome environment ask

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