Rice Bran Oil Extraction Machine

Rice Bran Oil Extraction Machine

Type: Oil Extraction from rice bran cake

Capacity: 30-5000T/D

Processed Material: Rice bran

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  • Rice bran oil extraction technology flow chart:

    rice bran oil extraction machine

    Rice bran oil extraction technology and equipment characteristics:

    1. For extractor, we usually equip the loop extractor for the project which's capacity is not very large, which adopt stainless steel stationary grid with frequency control, and the automatic control material level of buffer hopper, so that the extractor will have high extraction efficiency and low energy consumption.

    2. About the condensers, those are all the aluminum alloy tube type, such as extractor condenser, desolventizer toaster condenser, steam stripping condenser, final condenser, which have fast condensation effect.

    3. Wet meal desolventizing adopts DTC desolventizer toaster, in which machine, it will complete the meal desolventizing and  drying. The production of the finished meal has small powder content and good color;

    4. Adopted rising film evaporating process will have low evaporation temperature, good quality crude oil and also energy saving effects. The excess heat of the secondary steam form desolventizer toaster can be used as the heating source for the first evaporator.

    5. Steam stripping crude oil will exchange the heat with the miscella from first evaporator, which will save energy.

    6. Tail gas recovery is using our latest patented product of water bath tail gas recovery equipment. The tail gas secondary recycle can reduce solvent consumption.

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