Rice Bran Protein

Rice Bran Protein

Type: rice bran protein extraction

Material: extracted rice bran cake

Capacity: 30-500T/D

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  • Rice Bran Protein Flow Chart

    Rice Bran Protein  flow chart

    Rice Bran Protein Working Principle:

    By the enzyme auxiliary alkali soluble acid sinking method extracting rice bran protein to improve the rice bran protein extraction yield. use saccharifying enzyme processing rice bran protein to improve  the protein content of products. 

    The best of saccharifying enzyme condition is: Enzyme solution temperature 60 ℃; PH 4.5, Enzymatic hydrolysis time : 90 min; enzyme amount:0.3%;Liquid ratio 3:1

    Rice Bran Protein Extracting Method:

    The extracting method of rice bran protein at present basically has 3 kinds: Including alkali soluble acid sinking method, Enzymatic and physical method.

    Alkali soluble acid :alkali soluble acid sinking is the most common form of rice bran protein extraction method, This method is simple And extracting more completely, but its extraction rate is not very high, and the resulting protein contains more impurities, lower purity.
    Enzymatic:reaction conditions of Enzymatic extraction rice bran protein is mild,get higher rates of Protein, And can retain more protein nutritional value. Also avoid traditional alkaline extraction of rice bran protein brings negative effect, Therefore, enzymatic extraction of rice bran protein open up new avenues for rice bran use.
    Physical method:Defatted rice bran dissolubility protein concentration can be increased by 18.7% by physical methods. Pulping and homogeneous part can make the dissolution molecular weight difference very big. so the use of physical method to improve rice bran protein extraction yield is also possible.

    Rice Bran Protein Extracting Method Advantages:

    The comparison of traditional alkaili-solution and acid-isolation with enzyme assisted acid precipitation.
    By calculating, the traditional alkaili-solution and acid-isolation get of  rice bran protein extraction rate was 46.28%, while the auxiliary enzyme alkaline solution and acid rice bran protein extraction rate was 61.73%.。
    Enzyme assisted alkaline solution and acid rice bran protein extraction rate will increase to around 70%.

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