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Rice bran oil machine Omnipotent oil press equipment gets of people love

Rice bran oil machine Omnipotent oil press equipment gets of people love

Omnipotent oil press equipment gets of people love

Today, still can how many person is willing to walk into a supermarket and food oily store to buy edible oil, but the progress as the society, oil production and sale are put in a lot of problems, these problems affect the each the individual's family life that lives to us gradually. Oil or oily quantity quality have a problem whether possibly, a lot of people are paying close attention to the problem with the care, but often cannot solve these problems, so our life became big question.

Oil press equipment of Hua Tai uses vacuum billabong technology, inside buy vacuum billabong, derv depart is sifted, make oily, slag departs effectively; Electromechanical an organic whole, the structure is compact, cover an area of an area small, the security that whole sealing transmits, the automatic refrigeration of 100 holes, the design is scientific and reasonable, safety in operation is convenient; spreader stage, use electrostatic spray, adherent force is powerful, oil is lukewarm, yi Qingjie, wholesome, this machine uses practical newest data; tall wear-resisting steel and fight fatigue cast science, move in order to satisfy long-term equipment requirement continuously, performance is steady, service life of more than 30 years is long.

Compress extensively compress, get used to all oil-bearing crops, can use at broken rapeseed, soja, earthnut, cottonseed, sunflower seed, the grease such as tung seed. As a result of its compact design, installation is convenient, use 3 pressing with vacuum filtraction system, raised oily character to measure greatly thereby, in order to make sure taste is pure, mix purely. The average rate that is the normal pressure of 4% about with oil comparing is high, and than common and reductive 35% of medium normal pressure, the average production efficiency of about 50% drops than pressing specific power consumption commonly.

Rice bran oil machine

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