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Rice bran oil processing plant technology

rice bran oil refining plant

Because rice bran oil has a nutritious, high-value, easy to store, etc.,features. It is very reasonabl to invest a rice bran oil plant.Now Huatai machinery introduce you the high quality rice bran oil processing plant technology.

Rice bran oil processing plant uses stabilized rice bran as raw material. After a series of solvent oil extraction and oil refinery process, edible rice bran oil is available. Since rice bran is not owning high oil content as those of peanut, coconut or sesame, thus rice bran oil solvent extraction process is a major part of rice bran oil processing plant. Rice bran oil processing plant usually extracts rice bran oil from rice bran cake after a series of expansion pretreatment. With the additive object of no. 6 solvent, crude rice bran oil is completely extracted from rice bran cake.Rice bran oil refinery plant is third plant during rice bran oil processing plant construction. Rice bran oil refining process includes water degumming system, alkali refining soap removal system, mixed proportion system, blenching system, filtration system, physical deacidification and deodorization system, crystallization growing system and electrical control system.

Huatai machinery won rice bran oil making plant patent.With more than 60 years of rice bran oil processing equipment, there are especially rich experience of rice bran pretreatment machine, rice bran solvent extraction, and rice bran oil refining processing plant. During setting up of rice bran oil processing plant, there are also complete service of oil processing machine design, manufacture and installation.Any more information,please leave us a message.

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