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Soak equipment needs to change extensive to develop pattern

Soak equipment industry is extensive among traditional idea model equipment, although was aimed at the current situation of soak equipment industry to add content of science and technology, promote a technology the standard ceaselessly, but the pattern that still changes extensive development hard. On industry of equipment of 50 time soak begins the century start, 779 time our country realized the autarky with main grain mechanical oil basically, and the cheap of qualitative actor price that relies on a product owns larger and larger share on world market, every year much food oily machinery is exported. Our country soak and fine equipment industry are at present medium, still long-standing norms breed is basic and all ready, but in the state that superfluous, high-grade product lacks cheap product. Be able to prove from inside data of imports and exports of equipment of our country soak: The entrance is 3.3 times of exit, importing advanced automatic solder equipment is 1.78 times of exit aller. The imports and exports with grain mechanical oil is comparative also be exactly the same. This mirrorred the market to be opposite in high-end product requirement increases apparently, also mirror product of the high end in going abroad to produce to exist to be not worth apparently on technical level, production value, the respect cannot wait to satisfy user requirement in service of index of product quality, technology, user. Accordingly, soak equipment manufacturer of home wants ceaseless innovation, develop the most advanced productivity, the length that rich collects the world is used for me, change the extensive former days to develop pattern, the grease fine technology that allows home forward the way of high-grade develops ceaselessly and enterprising. Information of more of understanding China peaceful asks connection

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