Soyabean protein

Soyabean protein

Type: isolation of protein from extracted soybean cake

Processing Material: soybean cake

Capacity: 30-500T/D

Application: high tech protein isolation technology applicable for soybean, walnut, peanut etc

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  • Soyabean protein Processing Flow Chart:

    Soybean Protein flow

    Soyabean protein Processing Technology Feature:

    1.The process technology integrates the mechanical de-solventizing, negative pressure evaporation and dry de-solventizing process together, thus lighten load in next desolventizing process, shorten desolventizing time, reduce solvent consumption and thermal denaturation. The technology integrates desolventizing and drying,with advantages of convenient production, easily controlling technical indexes, significant energy-saving effects, reliable product quality

    2. High efficiency cleaning system, no three wastes emission(wast water, waste gas and industrial waste): aim at features such as high viscosity and easy
    scaling, this technology designs equipment cleaning system to realize cleaner production. at the same time, dynamic integration of each section can produce high-quality soybean protein concentrate, with high product yield, low production cost, no “three wastes”emission

    3. For key equipment, one for usage, the other for spare: because the liquid viscosity of mixed carbohydrate out from alcohol washing gets higher in the evaporation and concentration process, this technology multiply adopts the design of one for usage and the other for standby for equipments, such as final wiped film evaporator, its tower body forms scales easily when the viscosity of material is high. in this case, heat exchanging effect is affected greatly, so adopting the design of one for usage and the other for standby, at the same time of starting new tower, use CIP system to clean old tower, not affecting the operation of whole process.

    4. Automatic control: in the production process of soybean protein concentrate, more parameters need to be controlled, each factor affects each other. if the controlling of one parameter is improper, it will affect product quality and increase each consumption to stabilize product quality, reduce consumption, this technology adopts computer automatic control, operation can be finished on computer, each parameter is automatic regulation, product quality is stable, reduces each consumption.

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