Soybean oil Pretreatment and pressing machine

Soybean oil Pretreatment and pressing machine

Type: Soybean oil pretreatment and pressing

Processing Material: soybean

Capacity: 30-5000T/D

Application: soybean oil pretreatment and pressing machine will have the process section of cleaning, stones removal, magnetic selection, crushing, softening, flaking, drying and so on.

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  • Soybean oil pretreatment and pressing machine introduction:

    Soybean pretreatment is important section to remove impurity caused during soybean harvest, transportation and storage. Before soybeans enter into oil production plant, further cleaning is necessary in order to reduce impurity content within the scope of technical requirements, and ensure soybean oil production process result and finished soybean oil quality.

    Process flow of soybean oil pretreatment:

    Soybean---cleaning---stones removal---magnetic selection---crushing---softening---flaking---drying---to extraction workshop.

    Magnetic separation It adopts magnetic power to remove magnetic metal impurity inside soybean raw materials.
    Soybean Cleaning  It removes inorganic impurities, organic impurities and oil impurities inside soybeans.
    Soybean conditioning  It can regulate moisture and temperature of soybean until softening, which can increase ductility of soybean. Soybean is low oil content oilseeds with hard structure, thus powder control is important for convenience of further soybean oil extraction.
    Soybean Crushing  Mechanical method can broke soybean into small particles. Roller crusher is adopted to crush soybean for convenience of soybean flaking process.
    Soybean flaking  It cover pressing process from the granular formation into sheet. The purpose of soybean flaking is destroy soybean tissue, create condition for steaming and roasting, make easily oil separation in soybean oil solvent extraction. Soybean flaking requires thin embryo, uniform surface, less powder, no oil reveal. Powder controls at 1mm mesh sieve material not exceed 10-15%, soybean flakes to 0.25-0.35mm.
    Soybean Extrusion Soybean extrusion uses extrusion equipment to crush, flake, and change soybean into porous puffed pellets.

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