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Soybean oil extraction machine with high efficiency of Huatai machinery

Soybean oil extraction machine of Henan Huatai machinery with high efficiency.Soybean oil extraction process when cold-pressed rapeseed will clean up to the complex, you can add 1 to 2% of water, so that rapeseed softened, softened tie embryo, the embryo does not tie into the rapeseed oil press can be pressed, (but tie Postembryonic press can improve press performance) cold-pressed when containing moisture will directly affect oil yield, it is judged that the wet fuel is very important, mustard seed moisture control in general 5 to 8%, with homemade judgment the aqueous low rapeseed, rapeseed can be used nails look crowded if a sound, and is divided into two, with oil out of the water containing the right, if the powder into water containing too dry, if a flat shape, the moisture content is too high .

Soybean raw juice, also known as cold-pressed, soybean oil extraction process can be granulated press, but when Whole press to strictly control the moisture control in general about 8 to 10%, after the normal operation, press before proceeding. Simple test method of water containing soybean oil extraction process at the level of cold-pressed: The front teeth can bite chopped molar bite into flat shape, and surface cracks, there are slight noise is appropriate, if a flat shape, it does not crack too low, if there is a great sound bite is too dry, you need to adjust the right amount of moisture before the press. 

Soybean oil can choose soybean oil extraction method or soybean oil press technology.More information,please E-mail to 

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