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Soybean oil making machine Because provisionment system changes and oil industry catenary faces a challenge

Because provisionment system changes and oil industry catenary faces a challenge

Because provisionment system changes and oil industry catenary faces a challenge

Since our country after from planned economy change is market economy, system of our country provisionment also transforms gradually for system of market adjusting control, and in this a series of catenary of a lot of relevant industries in change is broken, and suffer an effect the biggest is grain oil this one state is strict pilot industry also is commercialized to run, and be faced with a series of challenge.

Our country has a word to be called since ancient times: Civilian it is a day in order to feed, feed it is with grain first, and grain is with oil again expensive. It is so in whole industry catenary, the price that attributes edible oil is top, its price also decides the development level of the discretion of this prices and economy, our country population is numerous, edible oil consumption is the biggest also, all over the world in edible oil consumption, 6 minutes when consumption level is the whole world year of the Chinese 1. The stability in individual department is being rectified to change again in edible oily industry so is crucial.

Oil press equipment is one of edible oil is the most important equipment in fine production, can say to deciding oil quality and crop, friends of pair of unversed of this one industry, often meet oversight oil expression equipment is in the position of edible oily industry. Actually some closer the dweller uses year of our country pure pressure oil expression scale is increasing ceaselessly, country or the amount also is in oil expression lane of the city to grow every year wildly. It may be said is competition of a large number of heroes, fine treatment factory and small-sized treatment oil mill are in large edible oil to suffer from cost brains for the price and market, the challenge that face also is unprecedented, whether fight with one's back to the river-fight to win or die the key that becomes an industry to develop a bottleneck.

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