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Soybean oil making machine The fine craft of cottonseed edible oily refined oil

The fine craft of cottonseed edible oily refined oil

The fine craft of cottonseed edible oily refined oil

The edible oily fine of 1. cottonseed extracts one soak to make oily technology beforehand

The wool cottonseed that comes out from cotton ginning factory contains fiber of short fine hair, this meeting lowers fat yield. Refinery of equipment of large refined oil can take off short fine hair, make use integratedly. Go to what earning smooth cottonseed sends refined oil equipment rinding machine rind. Depart a cotton benevolence. Benevolence in the rate that contain housing should be controlled in 10% the left and right sides.

2. cottonseed benevolence edible oily fine overflows an inclined oily craft directly

Cottonseed benevolence oil content is 30% -40% between, be in with oil of legal system of direct dissolvent soak also is economical economically. As a result of,this is for oily to cottonseed edible refined oil, extract Mao Mian beforehand oil and oil of soak wool cotton are same, must pass same fine process, ability edible. This is by cottonseed crude oil contains cotton phenol, and the characteristic place with darker color decides.

The soak of cottonseed benevolence makes oil, can rise with union of phenol of extraction industry cotton undertake. Will cottonseed benevolence undertakes direct soak takes oil, its are defatted cottonseed dregses of rice medium residual oil content can be reduced to 1.0% the following.

Lin of benevolence classics extruding changes 3. cottonseed the edible oily fine of processing is direct soak craft

Cottonseed benevolence is to apply extruding Peng to change the oil plants with the earliest processing. After its are changed via extruding Peng, undertake direct soak, the effect and its economic benefits have rise significantly. With the cottonseed of equipment of Ztz16 refined oil benevolence Peng changes application of edible oily fine to be exemple, its produce medium miscella concentration to be able to raise rod of 34% one 40%; to add up to oily processing in but 20%-40% of managing the sources of energy. Evaporate is offerred machine is energy-saving for 50% , at the same time dissolve bad news also is reduced greatly. The make friends embryo of this craft piece ply, can relax to 0.5 millimeter, efficiency of machine of make friends embryo rises 50% , extractor raises productivity 30%^-50% .

Article origin is small-sized mechanical of Henan Huatai of oil press manufacturer

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