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Soybean oil making machine The research state of equipment of oily refined oil of edible of domestic double screw

The research state of equipment of oily refined oil of edible of domestic double screw

The research state our country of equipment of oily refined oil of edible of domestic double screw also begins the research of equipment of oily to double screw edible refined oil in last few years, mechanical limited company of Henan Henan Huatai introduces black to overcome one scientific research to manufacture the oil press technology of the enterprise, produced a kind of new-style Ztz 6YLS one 75, 1200 model equipment of oily refined oil of double helix edible, the structure of parallel double screw that part of its main body uses complete clench the teeth to turn with Xiang Xuan. Insert in screw have 3 mediate piece, mix in order to increase and increase side pressing. V ah jacket has electric heater and filter oily cylindrical shell. Clearance giving cake is adjustable. Total construction is similar equipment of oily refined oil of edible of Han type odd screw. Are its main is parameter: ? Guan is crisp =75 Nun; long way compares this Die LID2 16; center is apart from A=65 30 one 45 R/min; enters n2 of rotate speed of screw of 5.5; of e2 of 2; compression ratio makings rate H; of 4 2 75 one 130 armour advocate report of 5.5 KW; of electric machinery power heats power 5 one 8 KW.

This machine belongs to one-time heat to extract, but leave out desquamate, smash, make friends base, evaporate is fried and grease is purified wait for process, manufacturing cycle is short, labor intensity is low, course single pressing and natural precipitation can obtain oil of edible of high grade green. Nevertheless, according to the service instruction of equipment of oily refined oil of this kind of edible, this machine is in compress the change of the to oil plants moisture content in the process is more sensitive. Be in when the moisture content of oil plants 7% the following or when 10% above, electric machinery bear is increased, oil yield is reduced.

Staff of department of technology of mechanical limited company of Henan Huatai of Henan of oil press manufacturer passes research of with great concentration, the edible of has own intellectual property Ztz series double helix that invent and rolled out them is oily refined oil equipment. In this kind of mill, double screw is used rotate reversely, feeding expect paragraph of complete clench the teeth and in advocate compress of paragraph of complete depart double rank decorate means. Extract basket by the platoon is compositive, run from opposite directions up and down, without buy of adscititious shrinkage fitting. This machine is in compress the change of the moisture that expects to person oil expression in the process, temperature and consistency is not sensitive, because this machine runs stability, have very good adaptability, cold extract heat appropriate. Of screw double rank structural design is extremely attainable high compression ratio, obtain powerful radial pressure, to oil plants as far as possible old machine compresses, make compress more complete. Below coequal craft condition, its do cake residual oil content device of oilier than odd helix edible refined oil is small 1% one 3% , oil yield is higher.

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