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Sunflower oil refining machine Continuous refining equipment performance is more excellent

Sunflower oil refining machine

Equipment of completely successive fine and photograph of intermittent type fine are more outstanding than function, oily quality of grade of automation degree, oil yield, fine, finished product is higher. Much application is in factory of large oil and fat further processing, suit day to handle product line of oil and fat further processing of 100 tons of above more, if have,purchase demand, the welcome seeks advice from 0371-67812866.

Equipment complement of completely successive oil refining includes jet centrifugal pump of jet centrifugal pump of vapour of filter of tower of centrifugal, bleaching tower, deodorization, lamina, 4 class, water; Its are main flow is: Compress or soak crude oil is undertaken dividing by filter above all miscellaneous, enter heater to undertake warm-up next, reentrance blender joins phosphoric acid to mix infuse acerbity refine to mix reaction of coal tub happening.

The 2nd phase: Enter blender and lye to mix, black horn through centrifugal depart comes out; The pump after grease heats via board type heat exchanger enters centrifugal blender, answer refine is entered to mix coal tub after joining lye to mix, saponification hind enters foot of black of depart of dish type centrifugal, centrifugal blender and hot water mix oily classics bath catharsis, enter black of incomplete of depart of centrifugal of dehydration dish type and water next.

The 3rd phase: Alkaline oil refining enters successive bleaching tower via heating with board type heat exchanger after vacuum desiccator is dry, join white earth decolour, after into blade filter filters, the oil pump after decolour sends safe filter to filter again.

The 4th phase: Decolour oil guides heat exchanger and deodorization oil undertake heating up exchange, after conduction oil heater heats, reentrance enters deodorization tower. Deodorization oil takes out pump to enter from bottom heat exchanger and need deodorization oily heat exchange, receive finished product oil via refrigeration.

Sunflower oil refining machine Continuous oil refining equipment performance is more excellent


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