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The in beneficial Hai Jia " eat dry extract " type research and development

Haijiali is in beneficial China is quite open to question, but the innovation ability that waits for a respect in sale, channel, technology nots allow to ignore be located in free tax zone of the Gao Qiao outside spreading all over 500 strong Shanghai of world, appearance of center of research and development of the whole world in beneficial Hai Jia looks ordinary, three-layer small building of gray is concealed in the corner with one quiet place, it is very easy to let a person oversight one China's biggest Xiaobao holds its status enterprise of Edible Oil Machine, also be China's biggest food oily group at the same time. But once approach building of research and development, blow on the face and the soja that come compresses it is very difficult that flavour lets you oversight its setting. From 1991 Haijialidi rolls out beneficial since Xiaobao holds card of fish products of dragon of gold of Edible Oil Machine, had cultivated 20 years in China in beneficial Hai Jia, be in what become to hold the market to lead a position already " monopolist " later, haijiali begins increase however with spoon, student " state of mind examines Chinese market afresh. "Consumptive market of China is most active to innovation demand. " Xu Xuebing of chief inspector of center of research and development of the whole world in beneficial Hai Jia is right " Chinese entrepreneur " express. By 2009, 800 million yuan invest in Shanghai in beneficial Hai Jia center of global research and development, and as a transnational corporation, establish center of global research and development in China, had become the most important battleground in beneficial Hai Jia because of China just about. Since China is being entered in beneficial Hai Jia, mix with doughty sale all the time canal cat get victory, because a of 2004 " soja crisis. . . (The article in all 3 pages) read full text >>

Authoritative provenance " Chinese entrepreneur " 2012 22 period Jiangxi food industry

Packet installs the sale good luck of Edible Oil Machine

20 centuries 80 time end people is earlying childhood empty bottle goes grain shop makes oil. The crop of the small Edible Oil Machine that pack that begins China from last year however already amounted to 800 thousand tons and increasing by degrees every year with the speed of 30 % . The expert forecasts the small Edible Oil Machine that pack sale is expected to achieve 30 0 inside 3 years 100 million yuan. This tremendous and inviting market are each oily who can hold kind of manufacturer this good luck? The increases packet to hold oily market demand of the development as economy of our country countryman and people living standard is bigger and bigger the competition of the market also all the more is intense compete by inchoate purchasing power outspread to 2 0 century 80 time end, 90. Analyse what Xiaobao holds market of Edible Oil Machine to develop through making an on-the-spot investigation basically face the following problems. Main sale channel -- , off-season do market peak period to beg sales volume packet to hold oily sale advocate channel is quantity of terminal market of food oily food, supermarket to peddle welfare of inn, group to buy 3 advocate channel. The effect that because the city is different,every channel has in the sale is distinct also. Sale of the small Edible Oil Machine that pack and other the characteristic with kind of food the oldest than its photograph is home enterprise or business the unit is in mid-autumn, the festival such as new year's day, Spring Festival extends for employee this kind of product when welfare is first selection. Consequently Xiaobao installs Edible Oil Machine kind product weak busy season is outstanding like beer, mineral water. . . (The article in all 1 page) read full text >>

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