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The investment issue of oily project of tall boil of company of Kang Long oil is analysed

Industry of Edible Oil Machine is the important consumable that Edible Oil Machine of industry of key of our country food also is a dweller. The rapid development as socioeconomy and flowing water of house the people's livelihood rise smoothly reach a country to execute relevant custom duty to decrease let all the more of industry of policy Edible Oil Machine develop. Company of health grand oil is in this kind of old economy new development chance was welcomed below the environment. But because industrial raw product is much,the benefit of the company and competition ability low product lack a brand technical content is low, integrated at the same time ability weakness economic benefits is poor. To change mount a horse of product construction company large construction project undertakes infrastructure construction and extend. But if the budget overspends,the extensive investment of assault sex also revealed problem of a lot of investment, structural unbalance, cash shedding ruptures bring about shutdown to wait. The feasibility analysis before investment is to undertake the project invests decision-making a when use omnibus research. If do not present a sufficient analysis and proof in beforehand,sure meeting causes blind investment and investment failure. The financial evaluation that invests to the project so and feasibility analysis undertake research also is very necessary. Undertaking construction project invest decision-making analysis is to avoid or reduce a project to invest decision-making blindness, rise to construction invests integrated benefit and manage a respect to realize a project to choose science of correct, method, time limit for a project in the project reasonable, investment can accuse. The project of company of health grand oil that article place discusses invests an issue (the article in all 56 pages) article catalog | Read full text >>

Paper of Master of college of business of authoritative provenance Tianjin 2016 town planning

The possibility dependability feasibility of program program analyses pre-test

The scientific sex that increases a program is the proposition with a wider range not only but the thinking means of the person that the respect proceed with such as the system of work out order from the program also can plan from improvement and methodology proceed with. Need the economy that pays attention to a program and benefit sex issue especially below current condition. The author tries according to planning to carry out put forward " 3 but " analysis (acoustical possibility, dependability, feasibility is analysed) frame of train of thought. _ one, possibility analysis discusses " 3 but " one of analysises are analysed for possibility namely. In specific program target (city or area) choice of the person that program distribution plan has a lot of planted possibility to be able to offer a program. Plan of distribution of this many programs formed " need decision-making space " the gather that is all sorts of all sorts of direction that city or development of district future change are faced with, possibility. The possibility analysis in the program is to show the compasses person that be like is right namely enumerate of aggregate of program program possibility, amalgamative, combination, construction and preliminary choose, the thinking process of judgement. Identify a some through possibility analyses this one process and asking to be able to point to well and truly optimal (actor) plan but the person that optimal program is included to planning must be accomplished in affirmatory possibility space however. Is the characteristic that possibility analyses as follows 1? The person that vast region sex plans in the first phase of the program faces numerous and complicated automatical meeting emerge in large numbers goes out in complex phasic brains lots and lots of distribution plan rudiment. Some. . . (The article in all 5 pages) read full text >>

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