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The main steps of extraction section in soya oil making machine

Huatai soybean oil extraction machine adopts the most scientific oil extracting method to extract crude soybean oil from soybean meal and obtain extracted soybean meal.
soybean oil making machine
Main steps of extraction section in soya oil making machine.

1. Rotary extractor: this is the very important machine in extraction section. The function of this machine is to extract oil from the rice bran.

2. Toaster: This is the equipment to separate rice bran oil from the rice bran cake.

3. 1st, 2nd evaporator and stripping tower: The function of these machines is to separate oil and solvent.

4. Cooling system: Cooling system is important in solvent recycling. It helps to recycle the solvent, so the consume of solvent is little.
Soybean Oil extraction technology and soybena oil extraction machien affects the oil quality.If you have any problem about oil making process and edible oil making machine,please let us know.Huatai machinery as professional edible oil mill machine manufacturer in China can provide the quality of machine and service.

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