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The research of content of the lead in fat of Edible Oil Machine

The edible safety of vegetable oil is the major problem that matters to human health. The article undertakes study to circumstance of content of the lead in oil plants, grease. Content of the lead in studying grease measures decided pre-treatment method- - small latex law; Inspect content of the lead in different oil plants, grease, incomplete allowance reachs metabolic situation; The auxiliary that uses different grade, different dosage to be in grease fine process is right of the lead in grease introduce and purify circumstance undertakes contrasting study. Main content is as follows (the grease pre-treatment technology that 1) researched to small latex takes shape, absorb spectrum with blaze atom (FAAS) and atom of black lead furnace absorb spectrum (GFAAS) union determined the content of the calcium in Edible Oil Machine, magnesium and lead. The formation that optimized small latex the condition reachs what atom absorbs spectrum to determine parameter. The result makes clear what small latex takes shape to determine to reclaim as a result rate for 94% ~ 116% , with the country method of dry incinerate pre-treatment is compared in the standard, of both determine not to have significance difference as a result, of content of the lead in applying to grease sample determine. (2) passes content of the lead in the oil plants that produces area, different technology to differring and grease to undertake determining, the result shows, the plumbic content that there are 9 kinds of oil plantses in sample of detects 13 plants oil plants exceeds national level, ~ ; There is content of lead of sample of a kind of grease to exceed a country only in fat of detected 26 kinds of Edible Oil Machine (the article in all 66 pages) article catalog | Read full text >>

Paper of Master of university of industry of authoritative provenance Henan Chinese sanitation examined 2011 magazine

Content of aromatic hydrocarbon of 16 kinds of many annulus in fat of Edible Oil Machine determines

Much annulus aromatic hydrocarbon (system of atmosphere, water, soil, crop and food are like in the environment that mankind of extensive consist in of Polycyclic Aromatic HydrocarbonsPAHs) lives at present oneself the many annulus aromatic hydrocarbon that know has 200 about a variety of among them because aromatic hydrocarbon of 16 kinds of many annulus exists remarkable send abnormal, . This literary grace handles sample to use color atlas of concentrated juice photograph with solid photograph extraction ultraviolet visible light detector and fluorescent detector series connection are used determined the content of aromatic hydrocarbon of 16 kinds of many annulus in the fat of 96 Edible Oil Machine that city makes work. - 5000B centrifugal Millipore exceeds pure water implement nitrogen blows vortex blender the Sep-pak Florsil(6 Cc/1 of the company of Waters of extractive columella of Oasis HLB(6 Cc/200 Mg)WAT that appearance ultrasonic cleans appearance Waters company. . . (The article in all 3 pages) read full text >>

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